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5 facts about Zan Kosir

Kosir InstagramTo err is human, but if the human mistake occurs in a huge occasion such as 2018 Winter Olympic Games, then not only can it be a massive setback to case but also for the athletes that are participating. Zan Kosir won a bronze medal in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, at least this is exactly what the medal tally admits, but that is not what everyone else believes. Instagram, Twitter, and a lot of other social networking platforms are littered with the pictures that clearly demonstrate that Zan Kosir crossed the end line before Lee Sang-Ho.

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1. Photo finish reveals the true picture

KosirWhen the end result was announced, the lovers of Kosir, took to Twitter and Facebook to place the photograph that clearly shows who touched on the finish line. This happened throughout the semi-finals of this parallel giant slalom where Slovenian snowboarder Zan Kosir and Lee Sang-Ho, a snowboarder from South Korea were competing against one another to go into the run to the gold trophy. But now that the choice is outside, Kosir is outside of this run for gold. Kosir now must be happy with his bronze medal in the parallel giant slalom after dropping out to Lee by .01 minutes.

2. The controversial decision

KosirKosir was convinced he’d crossed the finish line before his rival, therefore when he was not announced the winner, he also contested the conclusion and was clearly angry about the result. The principle states that component of the human body should cross the finishing line and out of the picture, it’s apparent the Kosir’s hand crossed the end line before Lee. This is just one consequence that Kosir will not forget in his life.


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3. 2010 Winter Olympics

Kosir Winter OlympicsKosir represented Slovenia as a snowboarder in the 2010 Winter Olympics where he finished 6th in the parallel giant slalom. The 2010 Winter Olympics there was and gave him the increase for a snowboarder.

4. His net worth

Kosir ZaKon ReviewKosir has made a brand of their own known as ‘ZaKon’ that provides sports accessories and clothing. The net worth of Kosir isn’t limited to his profession as an athlete just. His net worth consists of income out of his his team he put up in his or her hometown. Being a control student, Kosir knows quite well how to look after his net worth and keep it moving.

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5. Turning into a snowboarder in 12

Kosir saw kids snowboarding at a nearby hill and took up it during family vacations. What began as a fun thing soon became his passion and these days he’s amassing net worth according to this. The Facebook webpage of Kosir maintains his fans updated about his most recent news.

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