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Ellen Page

Ellen Page, born in 1987 at Nova Scotia, desired to begin acting at a really young age. She started her acting career at age 10 on the tv show ‘Pit Pony’ in 1999. She also received the Gemini nomination along with a Young Artist Award nomination for her job. Page was afterwards seen in 2002, in ‘Marion Bridge’ which got her initial Award for Best Canadian First Feature at the Toronto international Film Festival. Page appeared from the cult hit TV series ‘Trailer Park Boys’ . Page gained the lead part in ‘Hard Candy’ at 2005 and she gained a great deal of praise for her performance as a 14-year-old woman who meets with a photographer on the web and then attempts to expose him as a pedophile. She was observed in ‘The Tracey Fragments’ at 2007 and at ‘American Offense’ . In 2010, she had been observed in ‘Super’ and ‘Inception’. Ellen Page is a vegan and has been named by PETA among the funniest vegetarians of 2014. She had been in a relationship with Lady Samantha Thomas at 2015. However, the two awakened and Page lately married teacher and dancer Emma Portner in January, 2018. Here’s all that you Want to know about Samantha Thomas, Ellen Page’s ex girlfriend

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Ex-girlfriend Samantha Thomas

Actress Ellen Page created headlines 2014 in the pro-LGBT summit in Las Vegas by declaring herself as a homosexual woman. Page was spotted walking the red carpet along with Samantha Thomas, her girlfriend, and very in the Toronto International Film Festival . The movie was about a lesbian couple and thus carrying out her girlfriend with her through the promos left a great deal of sense. The movie, ‘Freeheld’ was about a lesbian couple that fight for their legal rights following one of these is diagnosed with cancer. Since the afternoon, Page came out openly about her sexual orientation; she’s been outspoken in her support for the LGBT rights. She also told a magazine that she’s in love and “walking the rug holding [my] girlfriend’s hands is really unique… It’s’s fairly awesome. She and her family knew she was a lesbian and it wasn’t a big deal for some of these. Samantha is a large dog fan and has a puppy called Patters whom she loves as her own child. Below mentioned are a few details about the ex girlfriend of Ellen Page

Samantha Thomas

Thomas is a gifted artist that works across many different markets contemporary, like oil painting, abstract and structural bits. Her collection, ‘Texture/Parameter’ investigates “the constraints of the conventional canvas. Her distinctive use paint, enamel, thread and sandpaper is gradually getting known. She been showcased in a few art magazines that were sweet . She explained in a meeting with the Baku magazine she begins her day with a tide ride in the Malibu or Venice beach. Thomas together with Page utilized to record her browsing adventures. Their Instagram webpages had pictures from her time. An individual can observe a great deal of her browsing photographs Instagram which affirm the fact that browsing is an significant part her life. The woman from Texas was given a golf scholarship to the University of Tulsa to pursue her gift at golf. But she chose to leave her gift and rather moved into Los Angeles to register herself in the fine arts class in the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Samantha Thomas was discovered terrifying with Ruby Rose. She awakens a great deal of pics since Samantha Thomas enjoys surfing. She resides a life that was thrilling and has traveled throughout the world straight to Hawaii from Ibiza. After making their initial red carpet look for a few, Page and Thomas were spotted frolicking across town on many different fun-filled dates. From winning prizes in a carnival to enjoying a baseball game, they’ve done everything. Both of them support the livelihood of each. Page has seen with Thomas’ gallery installments as well as her friend movie was celebrated by the Thomas . Page was not shy in sharing photographs of her new lady love on Instagram.

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