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She Grew Up Pursuing Speed Skating

Nao Kodaira was Created in Chino May 26, 1986. In today, she is 5 ft 5 in tall is 31-years-old and weighs 134 pounds. After viewing her sisters following the game, she wished to turn into a speed skater. Her free time is spent researching photography and the language. In her career, though 15 months she damaged a ligament in her 30, she’s managed to remain injury-free. She was able to compete and she she won a silver trophy. In school, she sprained her ankle. She wished to find out what it’d be like to unite the very best of what the Netherlands and Japan had to provide at speed skating. Her failure to win gold spured on the movement.

Nao Kodaira Made Background in Pyeongchang

31-years-old Olympic SportHistory was made by this rate skater in the Olympic Winter Games in a ways in Pyeongchang. At the time of 31-years-old, she became the oldest athlete to win a gold medal. The record was held by ski jumper Masahiko Harada, who won gold at age 29 in 1998. She also won the gold medal. She competed at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in the events, earning a silver medal and placed 6th. Kodaira made a silver medal in the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Her Net Worth Includes Multiple World Championships

2015 World CupApart from her showing in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, she has had a World Championship profession. She won the bronze medal. In 2017, three awards were made by her if she won silver at the 500m in gold in Calgary at the event Gangeung at the 1000m and gold in Gangeung. In total, she’s a 25 podiums in World Cup Events. Three Asian Winter Games medals she’s won. She won bronze at the 1000m and 500m events Astana/Almaty at the 1500m, and 2 gold awards at Sapporo. She’s also the world record holder at the event that she won sprint, at the group printing, in Salt Lake City and she retains the album in the 500m. The world record holder at sprint was Heather Bergsma of the USA. This 1000m’s world record holder has been Brittany Bowe of the USA. In 2017, she became the first woman to win. From the JOC, she also received the Excellence Award in 2016. In 2017, the JOC Award was obtained by her. In 2017, the Chunichi Athletics Award was obtained by her.

She’s a Great Sport

Kodaira and Sang-HwaNobody could describe them as opponents, although Nao Kodaira and speed skater and South local Lee Sang-Hwa are rivals. Both are other in your home. To Sang-Hwa, food is frequently sent by Kodaira actually, since she enjoys their cuisine. Both would speak about every other could take gold. It had been Lee Sang-Hwa who finished right behind in second, also Nao Kodaira who came out with the win. Sang-Hwa broke down to tears since they skated round the course and Kodaira adopted here. The graphics, including the photograph, went viral because a indication of the soul of the Olympic Games and also there can be sportsmanship once stakes and the contest are large.

The Skater Has a Big Social Media After

Instagram 2017Silver medal and the gold medal can be located on Instagram @nao. Kodaira, though her Instagram isn’t kept current. The photo shows an instance of her Instagram articles. She’s over followers though she’s not active on Instagram. She’s quite busy on frequently, and Twitter, nevertheless posts about skating profession and her life. She could be discovered @ Nao_kodaira and she’s over followers.

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