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Who’s Wu Dajing?

History of 1994Wu Dajing is a Chinese athlete that had been created on July 24, 1994. He expired in short track speed skating. He even won a silver medal at the Men’s 500 m in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games at Sochi, in addition to a bronze medal in the Men’s 5000 m relay. He maintained a gold medal at the Men’s 500 m in the 2014 ISU World Championships in Montreal, Canada. In the 2018 Winter Olympic Games at Pyeongchang, he maintained a gold medal at the Men’s 500 m, and managed to place an Olympic record and two world records in quarterfinal and closing. He was able to direct wire-to-wire in all three competitions and seized the gold medal. Dajing was just the second man in history to have skated the area in under 40 minutes, following American J. R. Celski. Wu Dajing also won a silver medal with his team-mates from the men’s 5000 m group relay. He studied in the Beijing Sport University, People’s Republic of China and he is fluent in Mandarin. Dajing trained under trainer Li Yan who’s a national level trainer. He hurt his knee during the 2015/16 year old. Dajing was inducted in the National team in 2010. He started training in 2002 at Jiamusi, People’s Republic of China. He had been motivated to take up the game after watching and being affected by the Chinese short track skaters Li Jiajun and Yang Yang. Dajing regards his unforgettable accomplishment when he won silver medal at the 500 m in the 2014 Olympic Winter Games at Sochi. He was affected by his first trainer Li Yan and trains together with the doctrine, “I feel so long as I work hard, I’ll succeed.” He had been flag bearer for the People’s Republic of China in the launching ceremony of their 2017 Asian Winter Games in Sapporo, Japan. In 2014 he had been introduced with the May 4th Youth Medal. The award is the maximum honor for young men and women in the People’s Republic of China. In 2014 he obtained a Merit Citation Class One in the Jilin provincial authorities in the People’s Republic of China. The award was in recognition of the operation in the 2014 Olympic Winter Games at Sochi. Along with Han Tianyu and Shi Jingnan, Wu Dajing has completed their country proud this season.

Net worth of This skater

The net worth of this skater is now unknown.

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