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Sophia Bush Wiki: Hair, Net Worth & Facts To Know

Sophia Bush is an American celebrity, famous for playing with the iconic function of Brooke Davis about the adolescent drama “One Tree Hill”, her signature raspy voice and her philanthropic participation. Complete time celebrity and part-time activist, Bush uses her superstar status not simply to amuse, but to spread consciousness and speak up about world problems too. Her latest work was on the 3 displays at the “Chicago” franchise and she possesses a net worth of about $ 9 million.

Early Life

Born in Pasadena, California into some photographers, it appeared like Sophia Bush has been destined to be in the front of the camera. At her esteemed all-girls private college, all Bush needed to do was play volleyball. She had such an enthusiasm to the game which when she was advised she was obligated to play in a college play to grad, she climbed unbelievably upset. She had no interest in the theatre arts program in the moment, and when she wasn’t pressured to it, then she wouldn’t have engaged in any way. Much to her surprise, Bush felt a hurry that she’d never felt before in the end of the play. She had the urge to be a celebrity in her bones.

Welcome to Hollywood

Her job in the movie resulted in many guest starring roles in television series during the subsequent year. She’d go to have little roles on “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” and the HBO film “Point of Origin”, in addition to a recurring character on the popular play “Nip/Tuck”. She landed the role of Kate Brewster at “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” just to be substituted following a week of filming because of her young age. She had been praised for her gift. What might have appeared horrible at the moment, proven to be a boon in disguise. Losing the job gave Bush the opportunity to land her role “One Tree Hill”.

One Tree Hill

In 2003 Bush landed her most notable role so far. Through the show, Brooke Davis went through hell and back and become among the very well-developed characters from the background of the series. Bush’s function as the seductress turned shoulder-to-cry-on helped her gain mainstream success, and she’s a family name with devoted tv watchers everywhere for this. Bush’s abilities turned Brooke Davis to the three-dimensional personality that lovers couldn’t help but root for, and if she was beginning her own clothes line or dividing with the series’s lead in a wedding service, she always tugged at heartstrings. “One Tree Hill” conducted for nine seasons, all that Bush was present for, starring in 186 episodes of this show, missing just a single incident. She led three episodes, one in each of the previous 3 seasons of this series.

Success on the Big Screen

In the peak of One Tree Hill’s run, Bush managed to turn her television victory into movie jobs. The film told the story of a group of women that worked together to punish a boy that’d been secretly dating them. The movie has been a hit and a box office success . At precisely the exact same year, Bush starred at the slasher movie “Stay Alive” with Frankie Muniz. The movie followed a set of players, who’s passing in-game could be recreated in their actual lives, until eventually they didn’t have to be playing to confront the effects of beginning the match in the first location. Bush would star in two movies released in the subsequent two decades, a movie of “The Hitcher” reverse Sean Bean, along with also an indie drama “The Narrows” with Vincent D’Onofrio and Kevin Zegers. Lately her movie career has taken a backseat to her tv success and devotion to activism.

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Life After Tree Hill

Bush made her return into the tv display in 2012, now in the kind of a CBS sitcom entitled “Partners”. Regrettably the humor was cancelled after six episodes have been aired, along with the remaining of the first and only year were never aired. Luckily, Bush’s bad fortune didn’t last long, and 2 decades after she was cast in NBC’s “Chicago P.D.” that a spin-off of this effective “Chicago Fire”. Bush played Detective Erin Lindsey, a powerful female performer of the Central Intelligence Unit, who grew up on the roads. Bush’s character often appeared in crossover events together with displays such as “Chicago Fire”, “Chicago Med” and “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit”. Bush’s personality got a purposeful send this off September, since the actress chose to not go back to the series for the latest season.


Along with Bush’s work onscreen, she’s amazingly active on interpersonal websites to promote awareness and raise funds for many charities and associations. She’s walked into marches, attended events and publicly stated her political views to the entire world; something young actresses aren’t always so convinced about. She places creating a big difference ahead of creating a name for himself and really believes in using her voice to help those less fortunate. She made looks behind the Obama campaign in 2008, she went into a rally in protest of Proposition 8 taking a indication that said she supported homosexual marriage whilst sporting a shirt which read “Legalize Gay”, and frequently hosts fundraising efforts for various causes. Some of her favourite causes comprise “I’m That Girl” a company that encourages personal and leadership development in young women during their instruction, “Do Something” a company that inspires young people to get out there and make a gap along with also the Human Rights Campaign.

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Spending so much time on place with somebody it’s just natural for onscreen chemistry to move off-screen also. Throughout her first years on One Tree Hill, sparks flew between Bush and Chad Michael Murray, and both ended up becoming participated in 2004. Their romance is a brief one. They had been wed in 2005, but after just five months together following their marriage, both filed for divorce. Bush began dating one of her other One Tree Hill co-stars, celebrity James Lafferty, soon after her divorce. Lafferty was supposed to be the shoulder Bush leaned on following the heartbreak using Murray, though both didn’t come out as a few until 2008. Lafferty wasn’t the only one Bush was connected to following her divorce, she was also seen with Austin Nichols in the moment, but it didn’t look like much came from it. After Nichols joined the cast of One Tree Hill and Bush and Lafferty divide, it was disclosed that she and Nichols had been dating off and on for the previous four decades. Regrettably when One Tree Hill finished in 2012, so did her long connection with Nichols.


Bush is a beauty inside and outside and can be seen on magazine covers. From her work outs to her apparel, when she’s not out wanting to make a difference on the planet she’s gorgeous people with her great looks. She supports others, in addition to herself, to be at home in your own skin, thinking that assurance is the trick to beauty. Back in Bush’s eyes, there’s more to this than a straightforward makeup or workout routine. Lately she’s turned into a tattoo, what is apparently a gold-plated phonograph, but means a lot more. For her 35th birthday, Bush got the tattoo to reflect who she’s behave as a individual, and remind herself that life is all about coming home to your self, and constructing a life to be proud of.


This raspy-voiced celebrity made a dash in the entertainment world with “One Tree Hill” and hasn’t stopped since. From a soapy adolescent play to a severe cop series, Bush has shown there’s a whole lot more for her than just her looks. Whether it’s as a celebrity or an activist, then 1 matter’s for sure, she’s devoted to making a difference in this world.

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