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Laura Louis

Laura Louis was created at the 1960’s and was a Personal Assistant on the collection of “Cheers,” that is where she met Woody Harrelson on place in 1987. Laura likes to maintain her background and private life very personal, since there’s very little details regarding her life before she met Woody Harrelson. Since the height of Woody’s net worth started to increase along with his superstar status climbed even greater, their love continued to deepen. They’ve shown the world that while it’s possible to be wealthy, famous and a part of Hollywood, you are still able to have a typical stable life. At the time of separations, brief relationships and brief unions, they’ve shown everybody that love could last a lifetime. These two are inseparable for 30 decades, which as most of us know is quite uncommon in Hollywood.

Woody Harrelson’s Wife

Woody Harrelson and Laura not just have been a very long period, but they also have supported and encouraged each other using their environmentally friendly and health conscious styles and way of life. Woody himself has said that he’s been a vegan because his 20’s as a struggling actor. It appears to be that he would like to maintain this heritage with his own family also. Though Woody Harrelson’s net worth has grown to a height of 65 million, they now live off-the-grid at a community of approximately 200 individuals in their own relaxed and laid back life in Hawaii. Since Woody Harrelson’s popularity increased over time, Laura has trapped by his side the entire time revealing her amazing passion and support. Woody Harrelson’s career continued to climb as he started to star in jobs like; “No Country for Old Men” at 2007, “You see me” at 2013. In “You see Me”, Harrelson plays with a pair of twins with various characters showing his versatility as a performer. Woody Harrelson’s most recent part is “LBJ” since the iconic President Lyndon Baines Johnson that premiered in 2016. In “LBJ” that he plays with the president Lydon B. Johnson who unexpectedly becomes president following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

5 Fast Truth About Laura Louis

1. Laura and Woody have three brothers together. 2. Laura Louis is Woody Harrelson’s wife. 3. Collectively Laura and Woody began “Voice Yourself” to inspire other people to get involved and demonstration against contamination. 4. Woody and Laura are co-founders of this firm Yoganics, a natural food delivery services. 5. They amass automobiles, such like; a Volkswagen Beetle, a Tesla Model S, and a BMW and Lots of others.

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