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Who’s Eva Samkova?

A Concise History of SnowboardingCzech athlete Eva Samkov was created in 1993 and she is a snowboarder who’s the 2014 Olympic winner in snowboard cross. Eva Samkova enjoys both longboarding and swimwear. When she is not riding a snowboard, Samkova stands. She plays with the saxaphone. She is able to speak Czech and English languages. She coached at the club Dukla Liberec beneath Coac Marek Jelinek who’s a national level trainer and trainer Jakub Flejsar who’s also on the federal level. She needed surgery on her left arm after the 2015/16 season. She had a severe knee injury throughout the 2011/12 season. She attempted snowboard in the age six and she combined a club Vrchlabi, Czech Republic, if she had been at the fifth grade at college. At one stage she loved skiing but didn’t delight in the first training sessions, so that she shifted to snowboard. “With ski I needed to be about the incline early in the afternoon and I am very bad at getting up.” Eva Samkova follows her coaching program. From the off-season she runs, cycles and extends into the gym. She adds explosiveness drills to her regime that the closer she gets into contest. She sees her most memorable accomplishment as winning gold in snowboard cross in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games at Sochi. Samkova has a very bizarre ritual. She does the game with all the doctrine, “I only wish to enjoy snowboarding. I am winning because I like it.” She had been chosen as the Czech Republic’s flag bearer for the opening service of this 2018 Olympic Winter Games at Pyeongchang. She competes with an image of a wolf on her helmet. I like wolves, they’re beautiful. We now have some common attributes like shyness and harshness. They’re quite attached to their own pack. For me personally, it is not a typical creature but a thing of a magic creature.” Her golden medal in snowboard cross in the 2014 Games at Sochi was her country snowboard medal in an Olympic Winter Games. “It is actually wonderful to bring the golden decoration into the Czech Republic but it does not alter anything in me”

Career of This snowboarder

The Background of SnowboardSamkov originally competed in freestyle ski however she needed to halt the game due to many accidents. She started competing in snowboard cross at the 2008/2009 season. Her coaches are Jakub Flejar and Marek Jelnek. Her signature in contests is a moustache drawn on her lip. “It is a lucky charm. … It all began at La Molina in the 2011 World Championships, which had been my first. I painted a moustache on and I ended fifth, ” Eva Samkova stated in a interview on the source of this mustache. The Czech name was won by Samkova . Afterwards, after bypassing the 2011/2012 year because of knee injury, she obtained the fourth place at the FIS Snowboard World Cup show at the 2012/2013 year old. She also won a gold medal in snowboard cross to the Czech Republic in the 2014 Winter Olympics at Sochi. Samkov attracted a great deal of speculation and comment since she engaged in the quarter-final, semi-final and closing races with a moustache drawn on her face. She explained it was for luck. At Precisely the Same year Samkov placed second in the Winter X Games at Aspen. Following her triumph in the 2014 Olympics, she continued steady rise up the positions. In 2016, she made her next X Games silver medal (completing behind Lindsey Jacobellis). 1 thing missing from her collection was a world championships trophy. In her latest contests, the Czech snowboarder placed sixth in 2015 and 12th at 2017. Samkov has her very own series called ‘Eva trop hlouposti’ that can be interpreted as ‘Eva Fools About’ named with regard to famous Southern comedy movie by Martin Fri..

Net worth

Social MediaThe net worth of the snowboarder is now unavailable. The athlete is very active on social networking and may be followed on her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages. Her Instagram accounts is @eva_samkova, her Twitter manage is @SamkovaEva along with her FB webpage is Eva Samkova. She uploads a whole lot of her random photographs and photographs from her rivals on her social networking accounts.

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