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Permit ‘s Get To Know Ellen Page

Ellen Grace Philpotts-Page – you understand her because Ellen Page – is Canadian. That doesn’t prevent her from being among the most badass women on the Hollywood scene. Her starring role in Juno left her a cultural icon, but we would like to have a better look at exactly who this particular Canadian badass is out of the spotlight. The X-men, Inception, along with Gaycation celebrity is far more than that which she portrays for camera. We’re planning to start looking into Ellen Page’s net worth, birthday, style sense and connection status, along with other items (also: ab targets). Shall we?

Ellen Page: The Fundamentals

She’s damn certain flourishing since she seems a lot younger than her true age. Ellen Page was created in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She bounced around colleges a tiny bit, attending three before graduating in the Shambhala School in 2005. She spent a few decades in Toronto, engaging in the Interact Program in Vaughan Road Academy. Ellen Page is close friends with 30 Days of Night and Charlie Bartlett celebrity Mark Rendall, who’s also Canadian. Ellen Page is now vegan, an atheist, and a self-described pro-choice feminist. She had been among the very first Hollywood figures to battle the sexism and harassment which has just rocked the business, speaking out against it in interviews as early as 2013. Ellen Page has also refused to take characters that depict her as a female, rather taking on roles which allow her to battle the standard. Have we said Ellen Page is 1 badass mamacita? She’s been attacked because of her outfits, being known as displaced because of her fashion sense, amongst other items, but Ellen Page clearly stones whatever occurs to make her feel confident and comfortable in any certain time. We’ll provide a “hell yeah” to this.

Ellen Page: Dating Status

Over a year after coming out, Ellen Page openly announced that she had been in a relationship with Samantha Thomas, a gifted artist and enthusiastic surfer. Both were a thing until early 2017, though a statement of their split actually occurred. This brings us to Ellen Page’s latest squeeze, Emma Portner. Their relationship became public in July 2017 when a photograph of these kissing went viral. Emma Portner is an expert dancer and is nine years younger than Ellen Page. Music movies are also directed by Emma Portner and has Ellen Page celebrity inside them. The pair seems to have the exact same fashion sense and frequently dress in outfits that are similar.

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Ellen Page: Net Worth

Ellen Page has an estimated net worth of $14 million, which has nearly been earned from her acting career. Fundamentally, she doesn’t need to do anything that she doesn’t need to, and never will provided that she’s clever with her cash. This massive amount shouldn’t be a surprise given the films that Ellen Page was in: Juno, the X-men collection, also Inception, merely to mention a couple. That are a profession. This doesn’t cite Ellen Page’s award-winning TV series Gaycation, that gained a 94% approval rating on Google. In Gaycation, Ellen Page and Ian Daniel traveled assessed LGBTQ cultures all Around the World.

Ellen Page: Awards

It doesn’t look as though they thing to Ellen Page, however she’s won plenty of awards. Juno got Ellen Page the many decorations, such as an MTV Movie Award, Teen Choice Award, an Independent Spirit Award, along with a Gotham Independent Film Award. The film also earned Ellen Page nominations for best actress from the the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes. In 2008, in the height of this Juno trend, Ellen Page was additionally called Young Hollywood’s Hottest Coolest Young Veteran – Female. Ellen Page additionally won an MTV Movie Award for Best Scared-As-Shit Performance in 2011 because of her character in the blockbuster Inception.

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In Summary, Ellen Page is Wonderful

How do you not enjoy Ellen Page? Seriously. She’s cute as a button, filthy rich, slays the style game, behaves in a number of the greatest movies in Hollywood but always challenges the machine, struggles for girls’s rights and LGBTQ rights, also has an incredibly gifted girlfriend. After, she had been a woman from Nova Scotia whose greatest claim to fame was that she had been a Canadian TV celebrity. She’s an incredible lady, award-winning celebrity, and cultural icon. After she hit the screen from Juno at 2008, there was no stopping her. Ellen Page is killing it, and she doesn’t reveal some signs of slowing down. She had been at the recently-released picture of Flatliners, also she’s a picture named Robodog who is presently in post-production. On the way, most of us know Ellen Page will continue being the powerful, stylish, and adoring badass we’ve come to respect.

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