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The Entire World of Diane Christine Gettas

Diane Christine Gettas (now ex spouse) was a nurse when she met Paul Haggis. When Paul Haggis fell in love with Diane Christine Gettas, they proceeded into a single room flat and began living together. It was from the year 1975 which Diane Christine Gettas and Paul Haggis began having regular struggles. In this time period, someone advised them to elect for Scientology. The couple was going through such a terrible stage they thought Scientology can help them improve their position. They became Hubbard Qualified Scientologists. It really helped them since two decades down the street, in 1977 Diane Christine Gettas and Paul Haggis got married to one another.

Diane Christine Gettas – ex Spouse of Paul Haggis

Their first child was born in the calendar year 1978. Paul Haggis was taking advanced classes where electropsychometer or even E-meter is used. Paul Haggis was a workaholic and that’s what resulted in differences between his the-then spouse Diane Christine Gettas. They eventually filed for divorce once they understood that living under a single roof is getting impossible. Diane Christine Gettas and both brothers were becoming affected with his workaholic character. His career only took off at that time, therefore he had been spending his time with folks he had been working with.

The journey of becoming an ex Spouse

Although Paul Haggis wasn’t much involved with their upbringing nevertheless he desired the custody of the daughters. What followed was a 9-year long divorce conflict. For Diane Christine Gettas, her two brothers were her family so that she fought to get their custody. However, in 1997 a court determined that Haggis ought to be granted full custody of the daughter. In age 19, Alissa and Lauren had to watch the ugly struggle of the breakup of her parents. Lauren, who had been in a tender age in the time of separation, didn’t know why Haggis was battling to get his or her custody. Haggis currently includes a net worth of about $ 80 million plus he believed he could look after the future of the daughter better. Both the women wanted to visit a boarding school, rather than remaining with Haggis. For many years, the sisters talked to their dad.

The Instagram Accounts

Paul has an Instagram accounts where he keeps upgrading his lovers through the most recent photographs from his lifetime, while it’s in the record of his movie or his private life. Diane Christine Gettas, ex spouse of Haggis directs a personal life and is thought to be single today. There’s not any picture of Diane Christine Gettas and neither is she’s overly busy in social networking.

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