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Who’s Choi Min-jeong?

History of South Korea Choi made her first mature individual gold medal before Arianna Fontana and Shim Suk-hee, after passing through the end of the women’s 1500 m final for the next ISU Short Track World Cup of those 2014-2015 seasons held in Montreal, Canada. At only 16 decades old, Min-jeong became the 2015 Total Ladies World Champion. She is the present 500 m short track speed skating Olympic record holder after breaking the former record set by Elise Christie by 0.45 minutes. She had been penalized at the final of the 500 m occasion in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games for hindrance, but she was able to win a gold medal at the subsequent 1500 m race. She won a gold medal at the 3000 m Relay but at the 1000 m Finals, she collided with the South Korean skater and crashed, finally finishing in the fourth location. Min-jeong was troubled by an ankle injury after falling in the 2014 World Junior Championships at Erzurum, Turkey. She started skating in 2004 at Seoul, Republic of Korea since her father encouraged her to visit a skating course during the winter vacations. She trains for 10 hours every day throughout the year which leaves very little time for anything else, such as a social life. Her most memorable accomplishment thus far was winning three gold awards in the 2015 World Championships in Moscow, Russian Federation. Her hero is your short track skater Jin Sun-Yu. She chooses her sway from her parents along with her trainer Jae-Bum. She believes in the doctrine, “No pain, no gain” She also received the Best Player Award in the 2016 Korean Women’s Sports Grand Awards. Choi Min-jeong has been given the Finest Athletics Award in the 62nd Korean Athletics Awards Ceremony from the Korean Olympic Committee. She also received the Rookie of the Year Award in the 2015 Korean Women’s Sports Grand Awards. She was called the 2014 Rookie of the Year in the Korean Sports Awards. She also shared the award.

Net worth of This skater

Skateboarding – The FundamentalsThe net worth of this skater is now unknown.


Stint in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games

2015 World Cup Min-jeong entered the case in Moscow because the entire world junior winner over 1000m and she cracked Great Britain’s Elise Christie – eight years her elder – to accept the elderly name. Choi also directed a Republic of Korea 1-2-3 at the 3000 m, beating Shim Suk-hee and Kim A-lang. She moved on to keep the 1000 m and total titles in 2016, together with the Republic of Korea again carrying the 3000 m relay, while still enhancing her performance by winning a silver medal in the 1500m. Min-jeong was one of the favorites to get a spot on the podium in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games at PyeongChang but she promised she had been only “60%” of her performance levels when winning the 500m and 1500m in the World Cup event in Budapest at September 2017. This girl certainly has a humble attitude and a never give up perspective to her game. Choi Min-Jeong defeated her rivals from the 1500m finishing nearly a second before the contest, to the delight of the home crowd. To acquire a name in her home nation was an honor just those who encounter it might comprehend. “It had been the largest dream of mine for four decades, I can not put it into words,” Choi said following the race. “I am rather proud of this. I am so burnt out but inside I’m quite happy, so pleased with my entire nation.” Choi won South Korea’s third gold medal and fourth complete decoration of this 2018 Olympics. South Korean President Moon Jae-in was also in attendance to observe Min-jeong’s triumph and Li Junyu and Kim Boutin followed Choi in the end line. “It is pretty incredible. It was a very tough race and it was fairly fascinating,” Boutin said “I feel as though I did fairly well. It ended up being lots of work for me personally, simply making the last for me is a major incentive. I did it twice (currently) so it is incredible.” Choi Min-joeng is busy on Instagram @chmj10021. She arranges her random photographs and photographs from her rivals onto her Instagram account.

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