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Li Jinyu: Chinese silver medalist

Chinese SportsChina is dominating the Earth, economical wise, and the nation is also between itself with the actions of earth including global games. A few of its finest athletes represented China at the 2018 Winter Games that concluded. Among those athletes that increased the flag of China was Li Jinyu, who was able to have a medal. She aided China move up in the medal standings after she won the nation’s fourth silver trophy. Jinyu’s lovers were eager with her triumph, and then she posted a photograph of herself holding her medal on Instagram, congratulatory messages began flowing in. 17-year-old Li JInyu was created in Heilongjiang, China and she began when she was a tiny girl skating. It immediately became her hobby, and shortly she’d mastered every facet part of it. Jinyu took up speed skating 2007, also she’s specialized in it ever since. The skater has won several awards and created a significant net worth from her skating career. She’s never won a gold medal in an global event, but who can tell what the future holds? Her next major medal was in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games where she got the second silver medal of her career. Li Jinyu’s most memorable accomplishment was bagging a golden medal in the 2017 Harbin Game. Her protagonist is Zhou Yang, who’s a Chinese short track skater, while her main influence is her coach, Li Yan.

Second place was Maintained by li Jinyu at final

South Korea ‘s Gold RushLi Jinyu amazed her home nation after she maintained the silver medal for China at the women’s 1500 meters short track speed skating event in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. The preferred, South Korean Choi Min-Jeong, bagged the gold medal prior to the South Korean crowd, which comprised the nation’s president, ” Moon Jae-in. Li Jinyu was capable to proceed into the finals after she dropped to the ice on account of this wreck together with Britain’s Elise Christie from the semifinals. She remained all the way behind the pacesetters and passed Boutin prior to reaching the previous bend to finish in 2nd location. China has eyed gold awards from short track speed skating, together with nine coming out of women’s events. The Chinese brief trackers were held back in the forefront in the men’s and women’s events, but Jinyu shifted China’s destiny. Her trainer, Li Yan, stated that Jinyu’s trophy was a fantastic encouragement for the Chinese group. Jinyu reported that she was not nervous or excited at the closing and after coming moment, she was not feeling any enthusiasm in any way. The very first thing her trainer told her after the race was she’d done it nicely and she understood she was great. Jinyu wore her blue-rimmed eyeglasses, and kept her hair short, appearing just like a high school student, and she held a tiger mascot because she addressed the Chinese journalists. She informed them that she did not feel any tension from her trainer. But he had been telling her that she was not worse than another skaters and requested her to be busy at the race. Jinyu followed his guidance and skated quite well. The defending champion, the Chinese Zhou Yang, came and yet another Chinese, Han Yutong, arrived ninth. Zhou, that has won the Olympic gold medal twice, is Jinyu’s icon and she’s given Jinyu a great deal of support. Jinyu felt protected when Zhou was about and she constantly feels that the ability of the senior athlete when she speaks to her.

She Had Been Included in a Stunning Accident with Elise Christie

On the Street There were also some worries regarding her mental health because of her three disqualifications from the Sochi Olympics. But, Christie’s trainer insisted that she had been emotionally sound and she’d do her best in another occasion. After Christie crashed into Jinyu from the semi-finals, she had been carried to the hospital along with also the Chinese skater qualified for the finals straight away. It was a setback to Britain to reduce their skater since the nation anticipated her triumph. She endured some soft tissue damage in her right ankle but did not have any broken bones, along with the British Olympic officials said that she did not undergo any psychological scars despite the high-speed beat. Christine then posted an image of her exercising on a bicycle before the following event that was scheduled for this next Tuesday.

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The skater’s net worth

Li Jinyu’s net worth isn’t clear, but that she’s won a trophy, she’ll get sponsorships from several of the greatest firms in China and get started making a decent net worth. Athletes like her that have bagged several awards possess a net worth beginning at $1 million. The future seems promising for Li Jinyu afterwards she conquered her character model. Some fantastic motivation and practice might help her secure a gold medal at the next Olympics. Check and follow her photos.

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