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Who’s Jerry Solomon? Get to understand the husband of Nancy Kerrigan

Former figure skater Nancy Kerrigan wed her long-time supervisor and big-time sports representative, Jerry Solomon. Kerrigan had recently engaged in the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ app and had everybody impressed with her gracefulness as she was able to do from the ice rink throughout her skating days. Her husband, Jerry Solomon is her greatest supporter. Jerry Solomon began his career as a sports agent. Solomon was the advertising president of ProServ and he symbolized Kerrigan. It was Solomon who helped her $3 million worth of endorsement deals with large brands such as Reebok, Revlon and Campbell’s soups while she had been in the summit of her ice-skating profession. Solomon now is the president and CEO of Stargames LLC that is a sports management, advertising and entertainment company founded in the year 1994. During his career, Solomon has experienced some intriguing athletes as his customers such as, World No. 1 ranked tennis superstar, Ivan Lendl, five-time Olympic medalist Shannon Mille, three-time Olympic gold medalist at volleyball Karch Kiraly and Nancy Kerrigan among more. Solomon has generated several occasions being the CEO of a sports management firm like King of the Beach Invitational, Queen of the Beach Invitational, Scottish Grasscourt Championships, NetJets Showdown, BNP Paribas Showdown/New York and Tennis Night in the Usa. Solomon is also a tv producer. He’s been the manufacturer of TV shows such as Spike! Solomon has authored a publication entitled An Insiders Guide to Managing Sporting Events. He’s the adjunct professor in The University of New Hampshire and UCLA Anderson School of Management. Solomon’s abilities in the sport management business are regarded as among the ideal. Solomon has a boy called Clay from his second marriage. Kathy Solomon functioned as a one time championship director in Solomon’s past firm, ProServ. Jerry Solomon had graduated in the University of California in Los Angeles with a master’s degree in International business from Columbia University. Solomon’s dad, Edward Solomon, is a leader of the retail chain Shoe-Town Inc., along with his mom, Roberta Madison is from Malibu. Kerrigan and Solomon have three kids together, two sons Matthew born in 1997 and Brian born in 2005, along with a girl, Nicole born in 2008. Kerrigan had wed Solomon when she was only 25 and that he was 41. The age gap had generated quite a scandal. Kerrigan was accused of being a homewrecker since Solomon was married to his second wife while having a affair with Kerrigan. Kerrigan’s mum, Brenda defended her daughter stating, “Is Nancy visiting Jerry? Yes. Was she seeing Jerry while he was with his spouse? Absolutely not. She wouldn’t ruin somebody’s household. ”

Net worth

Jerry Solomon has assisted his spouse collect an estimated net worth of $8 million in her profession. The net worth of Jerry Solomon remains under review.

Some facts about Jerry Solomon

Kerrigan nearly felt shameful about the actuality. They strove desperately to begin a family. Their relationship became really scandalous at that moment. * Their children, Nicole and Brian are large gymnasts and frequently compete in athletics. Brian expects to compete at the Olympics also and her daughter Nicole requires ballet, jazz and tap classes. * Solomon, until now, resents Tonya Harding’s assault on Nancy Kerrigan at 1990. Solomon said in a meeting, “There’s a lingering frustration for us about the entire episode. Nancy is a athlete that travelled to two Olympics and got two awards, a very rare achievement in skating. Rather than being recalled for that, she’s remembered with this bizarre event. ” Jerry Solomon now supports his spouse, Nancy Kerrigan, in each area. He’s why she could collect a enormous net worth. They’re a happy family with three kids. Solomon himself is rather an accomplished businessman.

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