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Who’s Lena Dunham’s Boyfriend? Meet Jack Antonoff

Lena Dunham has made a name for himself outside as the outspoken founder and star of the HBO show, Women. From her social networking existence to her political activism and look at the Democratic National Convention, Dunham is an Emmy nominated performer who always seems to find her way to the spotlight. Outspoken is Jack Antonoff, that her boyfriend. With geekishly unassuming great looks and much more talent in his pinky finger than most people have in their whole body, Antonoff is the sort of celebrity that gently burns brightly behind the scenes. Though, Antonoff was proven to take the point himself from time to time. Discover more about Lena Dunham’s long term boyfriend, by his net worth to the tunes he helped produce and unexpected facets of history.

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Truth 1: His Big Break was 1/3 of This Band Entertaining.

Let’s begin with how most people were likely first introduced into Jack Antonoff. In 2012, the exact same year which Antonoff would start relationship Lena Dunham, he had been a part of this group, Fun., also experiencing creature victory with their radio single, “We’re Young. ” Antonoff had joined the group a couple of years before after being a part of another group named Steel Train. Lead singer of Entertaining, Nate Ruess. Who had past success with a group known as the Format, recruited Antonoff and Andrew Dost of Anathello to make a trio together with them and they ended up with quite a lot of success. ” Although the group hasn’t released any new music because that record, they made it obvious that they weren’t dividing with a 2015 Facebook article that stated, “First and foremost, to answer the issue that’s been raised most frequently: Fun. Isn’t dividing….We make Enjoyable. Documents if we are super motivated to do so. The 3 people have consistently followed inspiration where it leads us. That inspiration contributes to Fun. Music, occasionally it contributes to musical jobs beyond Fun. We see it all within the ecosystem which makes Fun., enjoyable. ”

Truth 2: Dunham and Antonoff Are Dating Since 2012

In 2012 since Antonoff was in the peak of success with Fun., Lena Dunham was riding the tide of her breakthrough role as the star and creator of HBO’s Ladies. Dunham was a polarizing figure during her brief career and Women was no exception, however, it did garner her several Emmy nominations and a ditch of critical focus. Dunham has obtained a net worth of $12 million. Jack Antonoff had lived in New Jersey his entire life prior to going into the Upper West Side of New York City along with his sister, Rachel, at 2012. It wasn’t long until he fulfilled Dunham, both hit it off and have been residing together by the end of the season and they’ve been dating ever since. She lived in Brooklyn her life. Antonoff and Dunham made it known publicly that they wouldn’t get married before gay marriage became legal in the USA. Obviously, after that occurred, people were starting to inquire when both were likely to tie the knot. Dunham clarified in a 2015 interview with Ellen Degeneres that while they had been receptive to it that homosexual marriage was legalized, and they were awaiting the second that was appropriate for them.

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Truth 3: the High School Sweetheart Was Scarlett Johansson of Antonoff

It turns out that Lena Dunham isn’t the only renowned girlfriend Jack Antonoff has had. For high school, he and his sister could sail to Manhattan to attend Professional Childrens’ School. While attending the college, he really outdated future film star, Scarlett Johansson, for a little while. This was a simple fact that Antonoff had never said to Dunham who stated she found out it while surfing the Tumblr site, Old Loves. Initially, Dunham says she believed she was hallucinating but she couldn’t deny her boyfriend at the pictures. Some girlfriends are envious if they found their boyfriend had outdated Scarlett Johansson, however, Dunham states, “that I’m not jealous. It’s quite sweet. I enjoy taking a look at pictures of these. . .but she never dated some of them.

Truth 4: Antonoff Has Worked with A Few of Music’s Most Significant Artists

Having a net worth of $4 million, Jack Antonoff has reached beyond his own endeavors and worked with some of the greatest names in music. In reality, it wouldn’t be a stretch to state Antonoff has a small magical touch as a number of his tunes have gone on to become huge hits for Zayn, Pink and Sara Bareilles with whom he composed “Brave. ” He co-executive made Lorde’s most up-to-date record, Melodramaalong with it and her’s been nominated for Album of the Year. In case Melodrama ends up winning that high honor in the Grammys, it won’t be a first for Antonoff who had been among the manufacturers on Taylor Swift’s record, 1989. He’s also co-written several tunes with Taylor Swift, such as “from the Woods, ”” “I Wish you’d” along with her new hit, “Look What You Made Me Do. ” Collaborating with Taylor Swift makes sense for Antonoff because she’s great friends with him and Lena Dunham.

Truth 5: Jack Antonoff is the Lead Singer of All Bleachers

Jack Antonoff appears to have a effortless pop sensibility however there’s also an undercurrent of depression in lots of his songs. This is probably as a consequence of a catastrophe he underwent at a young age. ” Antonoff along with his other sister, style designer Rachel Antonoff, stay very near and they really lived together temporarily when he moved to New York. Together with his group, Bleachers, Antonoff can pour more of himself to his songs than with another endeavor. There’s despair and hope blended with riffing guitars and infectious synth beats and if he’s done enormous work with different musicians, it may be reasonable to say he does better function leading his own group. In case you’ve never checked out the group fronted by Lena Dunham’s boyfriend, “I Wanna Get Better” in their debut record and “Don’t afford the Cash” out of 2016’s Gone Today are a fantastic place to get started.

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