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Jordin Sparks is Married to Model Dana Isaiah

Jordin Sparks, wife of Dana Isaiah, is a American Idol Season 6 winner singer, actress and songwriter. She’s famous for many roles in tv and films produced over the previous five decades, in addition to being the youngest man to win American Idol in age 17 and several Grammy nominations. Her net worth is projected to be at or just around $10 million. After discovering paparazzi taking photographs of the group, Sparks chose to secretly wed her boyfriend Dana Isaiah through a holiday in Hawaii. After tying the knot at the water with friends close by, along with the husband and wife honeymooned that the rest of the excursion. Even though both of them are young in age they all have started and led successful careers within their faith.

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By Boyfriend to Secretly Getting Her Husband

Sparks went people on Instagram together with her connection to then-boyfriend Isaiah at June of 2017, also secretly married the version that same season in July. Sparks maintained her relationship with her boyfriend Isaiah from the public eye because of a very public relationship with her past boyfriend Jason Derulo demonstrating the significance of fame wreak havoc upon her then-boyfriend and connection. She followed the same rational as it came to their own standing as newlyweds and maintained the news of the union under wraps before sharing information of the package of Joy from the autumn. Sparks discovered about her pregnancy just a month later she and Isaiah’s wedding. Due to her comprehension of life in the public eye and the scrutiny that accompanies it, Sparks appeared to declare her pregnancy using the newest dad-to-be Isaiah before September of 2017. According to Sparks, Isaiah has desired to talk about the fantastic news with everybody but admired his spouse’s desire for solitude.


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Who is Dana Isaiah?

Several have asked this question because news of the connection broke before this summer and both appear to be in love and over the moon in their child-to-be, there’s so much to know about the version that stole this singer’s soul. 1 thing is for certain: with a compassionate heart, fantastic body and gorgeous face, Sparks won the lottery. We believe they ideal for each other whatsoever and are an wonderful couple. Wish to learn more? Look at these 5 things to understand about him under!

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1. Dana Isaiah is a Christian

One very unique and significant thing that brought attention and Isaiah to each other is the shared religion. Isaiah is Sparks and is a Christian. Both always post scriptures and messages communicating their shared beliefs on their private Instagram accounts. Actually, tons of the Instagram photographs together show Sparks and Isaiah sharing their beliefs with other people! Jordin Sparks lately performed the national anthem in a soccer game where she had the bible verse Proverbs 31:8-9 composed on the back of her hand.


2. Dana Isaiah is a Model

Though his wife is well off, Dana Isaiah has some cash of his own. From simulating clothing to a number of professional shoots shared with his social websites concerning fitness, Isaiah is a version creating a name for themself. Isaiah’s net worth is supposedly approximately $100,000 and’s no small accomplishment. His portfolio boasts characteristics in many different books and fitness campaigns, such as a fire in Lapalme Magazine in which he graced the cover. Isaiah often shares pictures of his modeling gigs on his Instagram account.

3. Dana Isaiah is REALLY to Fitness

Isaiah operates outside with Sparks and often is a coach. He labels himself as a “gym enthusiast” who likes to workout with Sparks, calling her workout companion for life. Both are evidence that couples who sweat stay together! They may be observed together in the fitness center when Isaiah articles videos of his coaching sessions when he’s sweating it out with his spouse. Being athletic and fit are ordinary for Isaiah that has been involved in fitness and sports the majority of his lifetime. Isaiah is both a coach and fitness product and enjoys exercising for fun and health.

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4. Dana Isaiah is enormous on household

Isaiah celebrated his 25th birthday by exercising and with FaceTime discussions with his loved ones. Often seen in photographs together with his nephew, Isaiah is about the infants in his or her life. He and Sparks spend a lot of time with their families, celebrating birthdays and vacations together with those they love. Isaiah is extremely near his parents and sisters. His Mom and Dad are fundamental to his entire life.

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5. Dana Isaiah and basketball played

Isaiah played basketball in his alma mater Southeastern University. In accordance with everipedia.org, Isaiah averaged 11.2 points a game within the 27 games he played with 2014 and 2015. Isaiah’s love for the game remains alive nearly 4 decades later he graduated. Basketball, based on Isaiah, is and will always be something that he enjoys.

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