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Who’s Tasie Lawrence?

Anastasia Katya Breezy Dhanraj, popularly Called ‘Tasie’ Lawrence, was born in Brighton, East Sussex, England, to parents Derek Dhanraj and Mom Rebecca Sinnatt. The lovely and very talented performer worked in tv shows in England. ‘House of Anubis’ was all about the pupils of Anubis House, a boarding school, who embark on a journey to solve the puzzle of the classmate’s sudden disappearance. The show was aired from 2011 to 2013. Tasie’s function as Mara Jaffrey was well perceived by critics and audiences alike. Lawrence had been raised in Brighton. More info on her sister is presently unavailable. Tasie was in a relationship with Eugene Simon prior to but they awakened. Lawrence is now engaged with Bobby Lockwood. Bobby Lockwood is a British celebrity. He appeared in age 12 in the BBC show, ‘Waterloo Road ‘. He needed a voice acting role in the movie, ‘101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure’ if Lockwood was only 10 years old. Bobby Lockwood had a part in the CBBC series, ‘Wolfblood’. Lockwood won a British Academy Children’s Award at the Best Performer category. Bobby Lockwood had won the BBC One Athletics series Tumble. Tasie Lawrence is a singer/songwriter and was also a former member of a dark pop rock group called ‘WooWoos’. She confirmed within her Twitter accounts she’s left the ring as she wished to go in another way in her profession. Tasie studied music in the Academy of Contemporary Music at Guilford and subsequently was signed on Island Records as a singer/songwriter.

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Career in Films

Lawrence affirmed on her Twitter accounts that Season 3 of ‘House of Anubis’ are her last because she wishes to ‘proceed’ and attempt new things. This really gives the ‘House of Anubis’ lovers expect that there are a Season 4. She had been a featured artist to the tune Relapse, that was the debut single of former cast member, Alex Sawyer. She depicted the role of Mina at ‘The Tower’ that was a dark drama which follows an ensemble of distinct characters that live within a rundown mansion in East London. She depicted Chloe’s character . Then afterwards, at the year 2014, Tasie Lawrence appeared in the film, ‘Hieroglyph’. Her part of Ren from the film, ‘Hieroglyph’ was tremendously valued. She appeared in the film, ‘Everything Between Us’ at 2015. The movie ‘Everything Between Us’ was roughly The Department of Emotional Integrity (DEI) who recorded all connection actions. A ‘dating score’ was granted to keep individuals accountable for their decisions. The rating was created for everybody to view, and influenced various facets of everyday life. Two couples, teens and early 30s, confront different but intersecting challenges within their relationships inside the principles of the DEI. Lawrence depicted Bahni Desai, a school student abducted and held captive by Tom Larson at the Season Eleven episode Target Rich of ‘Criminal Minds’. ‘Criminal Minds’ has been an American Drama series initially aired in 2005. She was seen in 2015 in 2 films, ‘Great Kids’ and ‘Tomato Soup’. ‘Great Children’ was roughly four high school students that seem to reevaluate themselves after graduation.

Fascinating facts

There are a number of intriguing facts about Tasie Lawrence or Tasie Dhanraj: * She shares an apartment with her ‘House of Anubis’ co-star Ana Mulvoy Ten and is quite near both Mulvoy and yet another ‘House of Anubis’ co-star, Klariza Clayton. Decision Tasie was showcased in her co-star Brad Kavanagh’s unique tune “We Shall Overcome”. The tune proved to be a hit that is fantastic. Decision Tasie has been give the title Anastasia since when her mum was pregnant, she moved through a listing of baby names and she kicked Anastasia. * She’s half English and half Guyanese.

Net worth of Tasie Lawrence

Her net worth is presently under review, but since it has been just a couple of years because Tasie Lawrence has entered the acting business, her net worth may not be overly high now. Tasie Lawrence uploads a great deal of pictures on her own Instagram and Twitter accounts. Her photographs can be checked by an individual . An individual may also follow her. The pretty actress is very active on social networking and has plenty of followers onto her social media accounts. Jade Ramsay and Tasie Lawrence united the celebration.

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