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Rhea Durham: Biography of the wife of Mark Wahlberg

Rhea Durham is the spouse of famous actor, director, comedian and producer Mark Wahlberg and also an American style design in her own right. She had been born July 1, 1978 at Lakeland, Florida into a middle class household. She’s currently 39 years old. Rhea Durham was married because 2009, to Mark Wahlberg for 2 decades. Mark and her have 2 sons, two brothers and four children together. Her brothers are called Grace Margaret and Ella Rae and her sons ‘ called Brendan Joseph and Michael. Rhea Durham has emerged in a number of high fashion celebrities. She’s also walked the headquarters at The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and also the 1998 VH1 Fashion Awards, in addition to appeared as a celebrity on the reality TV series that follows the Wahlberg household, known as Wahlburgers and also an episode of Spin City in 2001. Both have had a very long and happy union with four kids.

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Rhea Durham: Running Career

Rhea Durham started her modeling career in 1995 when she signed up with IMG Models in London, Paris, and Milan. She became among the most. Rhea was featured on the covers of magazines like Elle, both the United States and United Kingdom variations, French Vogue and Marie Claire. She’s also been featured editorials in magazines such as Mademoiselle, Cosmopolitan, Clara and Elle. Rhea double walked into The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for a version, once in 2000 and another period in 2001. Rhea has walked into fashion shows for designers like Gucci, Versace, Chanel, Valentino, Michael Kors, and Carolina Herrera. She has many big ad campaigns under her belt. Rhea Durham looking over. The spouse of Mark Wahlberg was a model since 1995 and has walked for fashion designers such as Versace, Calvin Klein and Christian Dior.

Rhea Durham: Fun Facts to Know About Mark Wahlberg’s Version wife

Rhea Durham had a short stint as a celebrity, starring in an episode of the TV sitcom ‘Twist City’ entitled ‘The Wedding Scammer. ‘ Rhea has also appeared as herself on many episodes of ‘The Wahlburger’s,’ that is a TV show chronicling the rags to riches story of their Wahlberg family as well as their layouts to start a successful restaurant inside their home town of Boston, Massachusetts. There’s a true restaurant known as the Wahlburgers at Boston. Rhea Durham transformed religions from Catholicism into Baptist Protestantism in 2009. Rhea husband Mark Wahlberg obsolete for a long time before eventually getting married. Rhea has been the face of Revlon for quite a while, which, together with her looks 2 years in a row around The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, is what catapulted her modeling career toward victory. The net worth of Rhea Durham alone is supposedly roughly three million bucks. Her husband, Mark Wahlberg is projected in a net worth of nearly $225 million. This’s no shabby amount! Rhea Durham has green eyes and is just five foot nine inches tall. Mark is eight. Both have among the quickest and long standing unions in Hollywood. Perhaps it’s Mark’s excellent sense of humor which can help keep things living. Hey, the cash doesn’t hurt! Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham seen over with three of the four kids. They create a joyful and gorgeous family.

Rhea Durham: Family Life with Mark Wahlberg

Rhea and Mark have an excellent family with their four kids. They’re a happy couple and make time for family as far as possible, in spite of their busy careers. They attend the children’ sports matches, enjoy family holidays together, and also do things any normal family would perform. Rhea and Mark also like to keep things hot. They’ve been known to leave the children at home to go relaxing in their own trip or fly off to a Caribbean island to enjoy the sand waves, and every other. Theirs is a family lifestyle and relationship a individual can only hope for!

Rhea Durham: In Conclusion

While being married to this celebrity as Mark Wahlberg attracts Rhea Durham fame in itself, it should also be recalled that until they met, she had been a celebrity already on her right. She had been among the most popular models on the planet at one time and it had been due to her modeling career which she met and fell in love with Mark Wahlberg. This story is really a gorgeous romance and we are delighted to find a union similar to this past in Hollywood.

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