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The Screenwriter Michael H. Weber

Weber also wrote the screenplays together with his spouse for those films, ‘The Gorgeous Now’ at 2013 and ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ at 2014. ‘The Dramatic Now’ was founded on the book by Tim Tharn and ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ was founded on the book by John Green. Weber and his spouse also composed ‘Paper Towns’ from 2015 according to another publication by Green. The duo also established the sitcom ‘Friends with Benefits’ which lasted just 1 season. Weber was raised in a household in Great Neck, New York. He finished his education from Great Neck North High School. Growing up, Weber especially got interested at the adolescent films especially those produced by John Hughes and Cameron Crowe. Weber afterwards attended the Syracuse University and finished his graduation in 2000. Weber now lives in East Village of Manhattan, New York and communicates with his former spouse, Neustadter, who resides in Los Angeles, through phone and email.


Michael H. Weber Fulfilled Scott Neustadter at 1999 in TriBeCa Productions when Neustadter hired Weber Because his Evolution intern. They soon awakened as writing partners and began writing humor together in their spare time. The duo wrote a screenplay based on a failed connection which Neustadter experienced. Weber and Neustadter came out openly as screenwriters in 2006 if they marketed their spec script, ‘500 Days of Summer’ into Fox Searchlight Pictures. While their film was in pre-production, Weber and Neustadter were requested by Sony Pictures to compose ‘The Pink Panther two’ that was likely to be a sequel to ‘that the Pink Panther’ of 2006. This was subsequently a reboot of the first Pink Panther franchise. Weber and Neustadter had originally declined the offer but later agreed when their supervisors stressed on the value of the film to be produced. Both those films, ‘500 Times of Summer’ and ‘The Pink Panther two’ were published in 2009. The film, ‘500 Times of Summer’ was praised by the critics and viewers alike and was also the top grossing movie of the year by Fox Searchlight. The project was taken up by NBC and it was first established in August, 2011. Though it gained fame as the most prosperous comedy set of NBC, it was cancelled after a season. Weber and Neustadter afterwards accommodated Tim Tharp’s book, ‘The Gorgeous Now’ to a picture of the exact same title, a romantic drama about large school pupils and alcoholism. Weber and Neustadter were commissioned to write the screenplay in 2009 by Fox Searchlight, who had made their very first script, ‘500 Days of Summer’, but the movie got stuck in pre-production for many years before it had been picked was produced by director James Ponsoldt. The movie was eventually released in August 2013 to nearly universally favorable critical reviews. Weber and Neustadter must hear that the 20th Century Fox firm had bought the rights to accommodate the book, ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ that was all about the romantic relationship between two teens with cancer, into a movie, they requested the company to employ them to write the screenplay. Weber said in a meeting, “Hello! Please let’s! ” The movie premiered in 2014 and it received favorable reviews and played well in the box office. They later accommodated another Green publication, ‘Paper Towns’, to some picture of the identical name. Weber and Neustadter also have been hired to compose ‘Rosaline’ which appears for a modern adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. They worked on adaptations of novels, ‘Me Before You’, ” ‘Rules of Civility’ and ‘Where’d You Move, Bernadette’. Weber and his spouse also have sold eight different scripts because 500 Days of Summer; those comprise Starfish, Underage and No Relation. In 2017 they wrote the script ‘The Disaster Artist’. Webber and Neustadter additionally composed ‘Our Souls in Night’ that was a version of this book of the identical name. Weber and Neustadter will probably be adapting a second John Green book, searching for Alaska.

His net worth

The net worth of Michael H. Weber is $1.4 million.

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