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Melissa Etheridge and Spouse Linda Wallem – time Buddies turned time love

May 31, 2014 was the afternoon that Melissa Etheridge married her very best friend Linda Wallem. This was the very first official marriage for Melissa Etheridge, but the third party service she had. Her past 2 long-term relationships were equally prior to the legalization of same-sex union and were, consequently, both dedication ceremonies. Melissa Etheridge’s first long term, dedicated relationship lasted for 12 decades and made two, now mature, children. Her spouse was a movie director, Julie Cypher. Julie Cypher carried both of the kids, also, weeks before they divide, the couple showed rock icon David Crosby had contributed to assist them sire their own kids. Linda Wallem and Melissa Etheridge got married in their San Ysidro Ranch. There were lots of stars current to observe as Etheridge and Wallem married, with Etheridge sporting a gray suit, also Wallem dressed in a white, shimmering dress carrying a bouquet of white and purple blossoms. Though there haven’t been many photographs released of this service, the photographs which are out there reveal a lovely and joyful couple.

1 – Linda Wallem has the Exact Same birthday as her Spouse

Linda Wallem and Melissa Etheridge reveal the specific same arrival date. They were born May 29, 1961. Linda Wallem was created in Madison Wisconsin while Etheridge was born in Leavenworth, KS. Two days prior to their marriage, they collectively celebrated their 53rd birthdays.

Two – Melissa Etheridge and Linda Wallem were buddies for a long time until they began dating.

Melissa Etheridge and Linda Wallem Started dating in 2010. This was just another step in an nearly decade-long friendship. They were shut for 9 years past, frequently speaking about each other as best friends at the period of time. Etheridge has talked publicly about the fact that having a connection with someone she had been near platonically for so long made it intriguing, to say the very least. A comfort is that exists between the two. Linda Wallem was there as Etheridge and Michaels formally split in 2010, also aided to see Etheridge throughout the especially nasty moment. Linda Wallem helped encourage her upcoming spouse with the 3 year leading custody conflict Etheridge and Michaels waged within their twins which would finally lead to a settlement for custody. Melissa Etheridge has stated that it was really while Linda Wallem was assisting her with her kids after her first separation with Tammy Lynn Michaels the two friends became. Wallem was right there to assist her with the children and lifetime, and during the period of time, the love that they had as best buddies grew to be intimate also. Etheridge has stated that while it’s true another approach to begin a connection it’s also been really amazing. She’s my pal and it’s quite pretty wonderful. I’m more happy than I’ve ever been.” Source:

3 – Famous Linda Wallem, in her own right is a Hollywood Producer/Actress/Writer

On display, Wallem might be known for a little part in “Sleepless in Seattle. ” Through the 1990’s nevertheless, she became known for her work behind the camera. She had been especially busy in the realm of television. ” It wouldn’t be long that she’d be merely a manufacturer or author nonetheless. She made the leap to superior channel reveals with HBO and “The Comeback” at 2005. ” Linda Wallem has mostly adhered to premium stations lately as she finds that the sitcom lifestyle difficult — although she said she appreciated her time “The Carol Burnett Show,” “Seinfeld, ”” “Cybil,” and “That 70s Show. ” Back in 2012-2014, she arrived back to sitcom life using the Happy “Whitney” and it didn’t even appear to reignite her enthusiasm for the genre. It’s a tough structure to get used to, using a lot packed into just a tiny time rather than long periods to acquire narrative in. She has said that she may want to branch out to cinematic ventures.

4 – Not a proponent of nepotism

Linda Wallem’s brother, Stephen Wallem, was on “Nurse Jackie” as a recurring character, Thor. He was not given any breaks by Wallem. He credits her just for getting him a first audition. From that point it had been made apparent that he had been on his own to acquire additional call springs or a part. Don’t let this fool you, however — that the siblings are shut. Both of them are homosexual and charge their support of one another along with a supportive family to stand outside in the harsh realm of public view for such a long time.

5 – Linda Wallem and Melissa Etheridge Intend on Working together professionally Too

In another ironic twist of fate, back in 2004 at the first phases of the friendship, Linda Wallem and Melissa Etheridge started cooperation on a sitcom together. It was a take on Etheridge’s lifetime and what could have occurred if she hadn’t ever gotten famous. The series wasn’t too occur as there was lots of back and forth between the duo as well as the systems, and Etheridge got diagnosed with breast cancer. They have the last laugh yet using their life collaboration they started that May afternoon in 2014. Ever since that time they also have shown that they’re working on a job for Broadway that will be produced, written and created by Linda Wallem, and celebrity Melissa Etheridge. Should they work as faithfully and lovingly onto it as they’ve their connection, it ought to be a gorgeous show.

More to come

Three years to the union, they appear to be becoming stronger. Following a very long foundation of friendship, an individual can only expect this A-list few can provide each other their long sought after happy endings.

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