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Julie Cobb: Former Spouse of James Cromwell

Famous Women of the WorldJulie Frances Cobb was born May 29th, 1947. She’s an American actress who was born in Los Angeles, California for parents, actor Lee J. Cobb and celebrity Helen Beverley. She had been born with performing genes within her bloodstream and straight out of childhood she had dreams of being a celebrity. Cobb’s career has lasted over forty decades and it is made up of numerous guest appearances on many television shows. This incident was originally broadcast on February 23, 1968 and Cobb was the sole female Redshirt who had been murdered in the original show. ‘Charles in Charge’ is an American sitcom. It aired over five seasons for 126 episodes. Cobb also emerged on the short lived television show ‘The D.A.,’ an American half-hour legal drama which aired on NBC for the 1971-72 season. Cobb’s movie career has included roles in movies such as, ‘The Second Homecoming of Suzanne'(1974), ‘ ‘Only You and Me, Kid’ (1979), ‘ ‘The Runnin’ Kind'(1989), ‘ ‘Lisa’ (1990), ‘Defending Your Life’ (1991) and ‘Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde’ (1995). She had roles in tv shows like, variations of ‘Salem’s Lot'(1979) and ‘Brave New World’ (1980). ‘Salem’s Lot’ is a 1979 CBS mini-series American tv version of the identical name’s horror novel . The film, ‘Brave New World’ was led by Burt Brinkeroff and has been about a guy who grew up in a primitive society instructing himself by studying Shakespeare. He’s permitted to combine the futuristic society in which his parents are from. He can’t accommodate to their ways. From the American fantasy film ‘Defending Your Life’, Julie Cobb appeared back in 1991. ‘Defending Your Life’ was about a guy who dies and arrives at the afterlife just to discover he needs to stand trial and warrant his lifelong fears so as to progress to another phase of presence; or be routed back to the earth to perform it. Her husband was. The union ended in 2005 in a divorce. Cromwell is famed because of his films such as, ‘Babe'(1995), ‘ ‘Star Trek: First Contact'(1996), ‘ ‘L.A. Confidential’ (1997), ‘ ‘The Green Mile'(1999), ‘Space Cowboys'(2000), ‘ ‘The Sum of All Fears’ (2002), ‘ ‘I, Robot'(2004), ‘The Longest Yard’ (2005) in addition to others.

Net worth

$ 1.9 BillionJulie Cobb has a net worth of $1.9 million bucks.

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