Hayato Ichihara’s Bio-Wiki: Married, Wife, Kids, Nationality, Affair

Hayato Ichihara Wiki: Age, Net Worth, Movies & Facts To Know

Hayato Ichihara is a famed Japanese actorfamous for numerous popular movies and tv series. He also received an award for a number of his earlier jobs and was also voted as with the 7th greatest abs on a favorite survey in 2011. We are aware that true fans need to know what they could about their favourite celebrities and Ichihara is no exception, so we’re likely to peek at a few need-to-know details on Hayato Ichihara for example his age and net worth, in addition to a number of the roles that he’s shot on.

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Hayato Ichihara is 30 years old, which was created on February 6th, 1987 at Kanagawa, Japan. He also’s an Aquarius, that may be of help to learn whether you’ve got an interest in learning a bit more about his character through astrology. Hayato Ichihara allegedly married Mukouyama, a Japanese version in 2014. They’re believed to have had their first child together. He’s famous for his latest role in the tv series “Reverse” and roles in such films as Rainbow Song, All About Lily Chou-Chou, Samurai Sensei, and Blade of the Immortal. He’s a net worth of $1.4 million, demonstrating a nice degree of success in his profession.


Ichihara has been known for his roles in many popular films, appreciated by film goers in Japan in addition to in the USA. One of those movies is Ju-on: The Curse two, that follows the narrative of the Ju-on films. All these have been adapted for American viewers, but to a lesser extent in comparison with the popular horror franchise The Grudge. This specific film tells the story of the sister of a realtor, who comes along a curse whilst seeing a home he’s in the practice of selling. The movie came out in 2009 and signalled the introduction of Ichihara’s acting profession. When there are just a small number of The Grudge films in the USA, the Ju-on movie series is composed of 12 distinct movies, which makes it a fairly large franchise. All About Lily Chou-Chou is among the first and most well known movies in Ichihara’s profession as a celebrity. The movie is all about the effects the music of this Japanese singer, Lily Chou-Chou, has on a set of 14-year-old pupils and also the people about them. It stars two chief characters, among whom experiences a huge personality change following a near-death encounter. Ichihara, as Hasumi, is a bewildered kid who ends up linking Hoshino’s gang. It’s regarded as a terrific movie that is really going to take you on an emotional roller coaster. It’s about a samurai who’s not able to be killed by anything apart from a rare toxin, who works out of a life of crime to redeem himself by murdering 1,000 wicked guys. The Movie premiered in April of 2017 and featured the celebrity Ichihara at the Function of Shira, a part of this Mugai-ryu. The celebrity’s personality is proven to be especially sadistic, hence creating conflict between the team and the primary character, Manji. Rainbow Song is another favorite movie, where Ichihara played the use of Tomoya Kishida, a guy who operates in a tv studio if he learns of the death of his friend. A milder movie the celebrity Ichihara has starred is Samurai Sensei, that will be a movie based on the two a tv series that aired soon in 2015 in addition to a manga. He plays the part of Hanpeita Takechi, a samurai who time traveled into modern day Japan.

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Hayato Ichihara Truth

In 2009, Hayato Ichihara was voted among Oricon Entertainment’s “New Stars”. He was formerly voted as the fourth most attractive man star at a swimsuit at 2009. Ichihara has engaged in 16 films and about 20 tv shows. In addition, he got an award for his work on ROOKIES since the best supporting actor. Ichihara also offers a small number of books offered for fans to see and revel in.


Hayato Ichihara is a gifted actor with roles in tv series and many Japanese movies. He’s participate in several of different dramas, in addition to some horror films also inside the Ju-on film collection. His career started in 2000 and that he continues to function before the present. Just like you, we expect to see far more of Ichihara in future movies and television shows in addition to information about his family in order that we could share it with you personally. Happy studying!

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