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Willem Dafoe

Willem Dafoe is a renowned American stage, film and voice performer that has a gross net worth of $24 million USD. He toured with a theater team across Europe and America prior to making it into the movie market. His debut performance was from the film ‘Heaven’s Gate’ in 1980. Following that, he appeared in several films like ‘Platoon’, ” ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’, ” ‘The Mississippi Burning’, ” ‘Born on the Fourth of July’, ” ‘Spider-Man’, ” ‘Animal Factory’, ‘The Florida Project’ and many such others. He also lent his voice to get a cartoon movie, ‘Finding Nemo’. He’s made a powerful place for himself in Hollywood with his versatile performances and funny sense. Dafoe is married to an Italian actress and manager Giada Colagrande. They split their time between Colagrande’s indigenous location in Italy, Los Angeles and New York. Willem has a boy with his Elizabeth LeCompte. The couple doesn’t have any children. Willem Dafoe’s film ‘The Florida Project’ premiered this season in September. The work completed in the movie by the celebrity is appreciable and it’s the type of work that may eventually win him an Oscar. ‘The Florida Project’ is a American Drama film.

William Dafoe – Giada Colagrande’s Spouse

Giada Colagrande is manager and a popular performer. Her first feature film, ‘Aprimi il Cuore’ was composed and directed by her. This movie was a blockbuster hit and has been chosen by many global film festivals. Additionally, it has won the award Prix de’avenir. The movie also got her nomination for Best New Director at the Silver Ribbon 2003. Her other popular short movies include ‘Carnaval’, ‘ ‘Fetus – 4 brings departure’ and ‘N.3’. They’ve been married since March 2005. She’s a very low profile about her private life and you can’t discover a lot about her family life, beyond affairs or family history. There’s not record of this few having any kids yet regardless of being married because a lengthy time.

Giada Colagrande’s net worth

Colagrande was created in 1975 in Italy. She has studied in Switzerland, Italy and Australia. She had been inclined towards modern art and began producing video art and documentaries in 1955. She combined the artwork endeavor ‘Volume’ from 1997 to 2000 and began creating a series of video portraits of 7 modern artists like Alfredo Pirri, Jannis Kounellis, Bernhard Rudiger, Gianni Dessi, Raimund Kummer, Nunzio, Sol Lewitt and Maurizio Savini. She acted in this movie. This movie premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2002 and it had been chosen by several International Film Festivals like the Tribeca Film Festival 2003, in contest, and Paris Cinema 2003, in which it won the award ‘Prix de l’avenir’. In 2005, her next directorial venture ‘Before It Had a Name’ was published which she co-wrote and co-starred together with her husband William Dafoe. This movie opened in the Venice Film Festival in 2005 and was afterwards exhibited in San Sebastian Film Festival and assorted such other International Film Festivals. It had been distributed globally with the name ‘Black Widow’. She also wrote and directed her third movie in 2010, ‘A Woman’ which starred Willem Dafoe, Jess Weixler and Stefania Rocca. This movie also proved at the Venice Film Festival 2010 and was screened at several other International Film Festivals. Her short movies, ‘The Woman Dress’ at 2012 for its Prada series ‘The Miu Miu Woman’s Tales’ and ‘Life & Death of Marina Abramovic’ at 2012 according to Marina Abramovic’s biography both were launched at the Venice Film Festival 2012. Her movie ‘Death and Life of Marina Abramovic’ starred Willem Dafoe, Antony Hegarty and Abramovic himself and it was screened at MoMA in New York and in the Louvre Museum in Paris. In 2013, her movie ‘The Abramovic Method’ was introduced in the Venice Film Festival also and has been revealed in art museums across the world. This movie marked her cooperation with performance artist Marina Abramovic. Her movie ‘Padre’ at 2016 that starred Willem Dafoe, Franco Battiato, Marina Abramovic and himself was released which was also composed and directed by Colagrande. Her age is 42 years as of today. She’s 5.4 inches tall. The celebrity isn’t too busy on social networking and consequently you cannot find a good deal of pictures on Instagram. Her pictures together with her husband Willem Dafoe are on Instagram.

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