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Everthing what You need to know about Ellen Dorrit Petersen

Ellen Dorrit Petersen is a light haired celebrity age. She acquired the abilities from Oslo National Academy of Arts in crafts and, she led by Rogaland Theatre where she had been subjected to theater and movies. Whilst in the theater, she got the part in a movie called ‘Pioneren’. Shortly after, her introduction film ‘Troubled Water’ published in 2008 for much acclaim. After that year, she combined the manager Ali Abbas for the inaugural film ‘Ice Kiss’ for which she’s won a collection of awards from Amanda awards to Canon awards. Petersen has acted in a great deal of film(s) and TV shows in addition to a brief movie which made her among their exceptional performance in the nation. In 2016, her film ‘Shelley’ where she acted the character of Louise created headlines and be one of the best films for her critics and fans. Since the start of her career as an actress, she’s been nominated a number of times as well as winning accolades for example Best Actress, Exceptional Performance and so forth.

Ellen Dorrit Petersen: Height, Weight, Age, Zodiac Sign, etc

The star has been born on December 4th, 1975 someplace in Norway making her era at 42 Years old. Her star sign or zodiac sign is Sagittarius because her birthday falls into the mount of November & December. Ellen Dorrit Petersen height is 1.8m i.e. her existing height is 5’11” mentioning that she’s taller than ordinary actresses outside in the business. The Shelley celebrity weighs about 65 Kgs. Petersen eye shade is blue/green along with her own hair colour is light blonde. The Blind celebrity is Norwegian by nationality and has been reported to become fluent in Swedish, English and working knowledge of languages namely French, Russian, German, and Danish.

What’s the Net Worth of Ellen Dorrit Petersen?

According to the site Networth Post, the net worth of Petersen is estimated to be approximately $17 million. She has acquired this net worth over the years following looking in films and TV shows. Petersen was seen TV Series that were exhibited by IMDb on its site and a many films.

All You Want To Know About TV Series & Her Movies

She starred in the film ‘Ice Kiss (2008)’ that was her introduction film. Afterward, she had been roped in to the film ‘De Usynlige’ the identical year. In 2011, she looked in the film ‘The Mountain’ reverse Marte Magnusdotter Solem where she portrayed the role of Nora. Other films are ‘The King of Bastoy (2010), Pax (2010), Troubled Water (2008), amongst others. Subsequently in 2012, she looked in ‘Inn I Market’ after which in ‘Villmark two’ at 2015 and eventually from the film ‘Blind (2015)’ as Ingrid who loses her vision. She’s been seen in the TV Series ‘Acquitted’ for 18 episodes and after that, at the TV Series ‘Aber Bergen (2016)’ for over 10 episodes.

Movies & TV Series Ratings

The TV Series ‘Acquitted’ or ‘ ‘Frikjent’ has obtained 7.6/10 evaluation with IMDb together with a 4/5 star score in precisely the exact same site. The film ‘Shelley (2016)’ where Petersen depicted Louise has been rated an astonishing 100 percent by Rotten Tomatoes along with 8 nominations and one win. Her recently released film ‘Thelma (2017)’ obtained a 90% rating at Rotten Tomatoes. To the contrary, IMDb ranked the film ‘Troubled Water’ having an IMDb score of 7.6 followed closely by ‘Kind of Devil’s Isle’ and ‘Thelma’ in 7.5 and 7.4/10 respectively. Next comes ‘Handle With Care’ in 7.3/10. The film ‘Blind’ and ‘Shelley’ that are regarded as the films where Petersen was her best by her lovers received a score of 6.9/10 and 5.2/10 respectively.

Awards and Accolades

Ellen Dorrit Petersen is a well-renowned and experienced actress who has obtained a variety of awards for her outstanding performances in a variety of films and TV series. Back in 2009, she won the award for the Best Actress by Amanda Award for her debut film Ice Skating accompanied by an award for the Outstanding Performance by female at a direct role for the film Ice Kiss in 2014. Back in 2014 and 2015, she won two consecutive Best Actress titles because of her film Blind out of Amanda Award along with Canon Award.

Ellen Dorrit Petersen On Social Networks

Petersen is a lively and enthusiastic Instagrammer together with her 1,752 followers as of December 2017 and complete articles count at 134. She’s also accessible on Twitter using the username “@EllenDorrit”. Petersen has an IMDB webpage devoted to her together with all the ID “nm2717241”.

Box Office Collections

The film Thelma which introduced this season scored a box office set of staggering $81,000 from the U.S. alone. The film ‘King of Devil’s Isle’ gathered approximately $7,000 from the U.S. With a devotion towards acting and play, Ellen Dorrit Petersen has gained a well-acclaimed standing in the Denmark-Norway movie industry with a run of new rated films and TV collection. The 42-year-old actress made her debut at the film ‘Pioneren’ and shortly after, she looked in a number of films providing an outstanding performance each time.

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