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Get To Know Keegan-Michael Key’s Fiance

In age 46, Keegan-Michael Key has found love. Going through a divorce isn’t easy so when Keegan-Michael Key divorced Cynthia Blaise, his wife of 15 decades, in 2015, supporters didn’t always expect him to bounce back so fast. However, Key has found love again and recently announced his engagement to Elisa Pugliese. On November 14, 2017, less than two years following Essential’s divorce had been finalized, ” and Elisa Pugliese shared an image and post regarding their participation on Twitter. The couple was quite confidential whilst relationship but some Instagram articles give us some insight to the happy couple and the girl that gets stolen Keegan-Michael Key’s heart.


Truth #1: Elisa Pugliese Is An Actress and Producer

The mega-popular Comedy Central show, Key & Peele, aided turned Keegan-Michael Key to a family name and strengthen his net worth. While she might not be as renowned as her fiance, Elisa Pugliese is very the creative ability in her own right and has really turned out to be a triple threat. She’s a performer, producer, and manager, very involved with the arts and has been engaged in many vital productions. Among the most fascinating jobs she’s been part of is a manufacturer on This American Journey, a documentary movie which came out in 2013. Considering that the political climate as, they chose to travel around America to learn whether it was the exact same nation they fell in love with. That trip is chronicled within this American Journey that was made by Elisa Pugliese, that also functioned as a producer about the 2008 documentary, An American Teen. Elisa Pugliese also functioned as a producer to the movie Boy Meets Girl, that will be an independent movie about a transgender girl attempting to locate love in small-town Kentucky. Boy Meets Girl got compliments for casting a transgender actress in the lead character. Too frequently in films and TV shows about trans characters, cisgendered celebrities have been given the characters accordingly casting Michelle Hendley since the film’s lead to Boy Meets Girl has been regarded as an important measure.

Truth #2: She’s Directing Keegan-Michael Key’s Next Film

From producing movies such as this American Journey, directing The 75th Annual Peabody awards in 2016, also taking small roles in films such as The Cake Eaters and School of Rock, Elisa Pugliese includes a fairly exciting resume currently. But her main chance to date her up with her fiance, Keegan-Michael Key, also sets her behind the camera to get her feature film debut. The film is named Madero and is anticipated to be published sometime in 2018. In addition to Elisa Pugliese’s potential husband, Keegan-Michael Key, Madero boasts a fairly impressive cast which includes Olivia Munn and John Leguizamo. Not a lot is known about the film apart from the IMDB description which reads, ” “A Puerto Rican undercover cop with the DEA in New York City has been made to shield his family when faced with demons from his past. ”


Truth #3: Your Personal Couple Have Traveled A Lot Collectively

Keegan-Michael Key maintained their connection quite low-key after his divorce, however lately resulting in their involvement, they’ve been seen in people a little more. Pugliese and her prospective husband have attended the IRC Rescue Dinner in New York, the BAFTA Tea Party occasion, along with the 2017 Tony awards. They were seen together at Los Angeles during Emmy weekend. The two Elisa Pugliese and her fiance are fairly vocal sports lovers and were fairly excited to share photos collectively on Instagram while attending the 2017 U.S. Open.

Truth #4: Elisa Pugliese is a Soccer Fan

She might be a actor, producer, and manager along with her fiance could possibly be Keegan-Michael Essential but Elisa Pugliese likes to unwind as a lot of us do using a few soccer. She tweets frequently about the NFL and on October 22, 2017, she sent a tweet out stating that she was in a New York Giants game for a few #footballtherapy. The next month, she shared an image of her and Keegan-Michael Key in a Detroit Lions game, observing their triumph and sporting Golden Tate jerseys.

Truth #5: Elisa Pugliese is Politically Outspoken

It’s a explosive time and Elisa Pugliese frequently uses her stage to become involved with issues which matter. Considering her fiance, Keegan-Michael Key, has frequently used comedy to earn some kind of social comment, it’s not a surprise to see that Pugliese is equally spent in political causes. She frequently tweets her out aid for sufferers of sexual abuse and harassment, speaks up on significant elections, and has attended events planning to demonstrate solidarity with immigrants.

Keegan-Michael Key and Elisa Pugliese Headed Down The Aisle

There’s a great deal we neglect’t understand about Keegan-Michael Key and Elisa Pugliese but it’s evident the both of them are extremely happy together. There was a rather considerable age gap in Key’s first union but with Pugliese’s arrival date thought to be April 2, 1971, Key and she are almost precisely the exact same age. Keegan-Michael Key includes a net worth of $7 million and Pugliese’s net worth isn’t understood, but both certainly have a passion for their job and also a passion for one another. No wedding date has been announced yet but Key and Pugliese immediately obtained a great deal of congratulation messages from famous friends on Instagram and other social media. Actually, Olivia Munn made certain to call dibs on walking down the aisle to provide Key away. So, Pugliese along with her prospective husband have got their very first RSVP!

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