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Who’s Eili Harboe?

Her present era is 23 years old. Eili Harboe has emerged in a number of films starting from her introduction in 2012 from the film ‘The Orheim Company. ‘ Later on, she chose to perform other films for example ‘The Wave (2015)’. The celebrity has outstanding and notable acting abilities for which she’s been praised many times by moviegoers and folks operating in the movie market. Her most recent film ‘Thelma (2017)’ that is a supernatural thriller film got some fantastic comments from critics and well-established celebrities and personalities. Harboe gained her BA Degree in English literature and BA in Arts in Stavanger where she lived prior to joining the amusement market. Based on her statements published in a French paper, she’s an admirer of Baroque art of the 1900s. The Norwegian celebrity is fluent in English and has brown hair and brown eyes. According to a popular amusement site, Eili Harboe has become singing and stage productions while she had been a youngster which affinity towards performing and movies led to her being cast as supporting and lead roles in a variety of films mentioned below.

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List of Films In

This creation is a drama film that is Norwegian. Harbor auditioned for a role. She got chosen for a role. This was her beginning in the movie market. But in 2013, the next year, things became different for Harboe. Considering that the celebrity was studying in her college, she often had to take some time off from college to attend the shoot. Her lack made her educators skeptical. Finally, she looked in the film ‘Kyss meg for a I helvete’ or ‘Kiss Me You Fucking Moron’ which premiered in 2013. ” She had a supporting part in those films. Fast forward to 2017, she performed the role of Princess Kristin to your film ‘Askeladden – that I Dovregubbens Hall. ‘ However it was the film ‘Thelma,’ published on November 10th, 2017, that gained the critics’ attention. In this picture, she clarified that the lead character of Thelma, a young female pupil. Since she performed the role superbly, she obtained a great deal of compliments and very good reviews. Therefore, she had to prepare for her part in the film in another manner. Were you aware that such drills are practiced by most soldiers that had to cope with long-term anxiety?

What’s the Actress’s Net Worth?

Based on particular resources, her net worth is anticipated to be approximately $200,000 which comprises paychecks obtained for all of the films where she appeared in.


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Awards & Accolades

Eili Harboe was commended for her acting abilities. She was known in the 32nd Mar del Plata International Film Festival that was held on November 25th, 2017. Within this event, she won the award for Best Actress.

The Buzz About The Film ‘Thelma’ & The Box Office

The film premiered on November 10th, 2017 and made a total of $814,725 USD globally whilst earning roughly $81,000 from United States alone. Thelma is manager Joachim Trier’s feature picture. In this film, Eili Harboe plays the lead character of Thelma. She stars in this movie combined with many others and Kaya Wilkins. The film gained a great deal of buzz as a result of the exceptional performances and relatively fantastic VFX effects. The film was considered to as the Norwegian version of a Christopher Nolan film by its own manager. Sites and papers wrote great reviews about Harboe along with her portrayal in the film ‘Thelma. ‘ They also admired the movie because of its supernatural elements and also its capacity to amuse and creep outside moviegoers in precisely the exact same moment.

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Box Office Collection

The film ‘The Wave’ started to theaters on March 4th, 2016 creating a total domestic gross of $177,404. The film ‘Askeladden – that I Dovregubbens Hall’ which published on September 29th, 2017 created a box office set of complete $4,108,167. The film ‘Louder Than Bombs’ gained a entire revenue of $1.158 million.

Eili Harboe On Social Networks

Eili Harboe appears to be an intermittent consumer of Twitter because her final tweet dates back to June 22nd, 2016. But fans can see her newer videos and photos on Instagram because she’s very busy on this social media. On Instagram, she’s over 3,062 followers together with 379 articles. She generally posts a new photograph every day, and her lovers adore it. The stunning actress has a massive fanbase as a result of her good looks and her outstanding performance on the large screen.

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