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Corey Haim Wiki: Age, Net Worth & Top Facts To Know

Corey Haim was a Canadian actor, famous for his film career through the 1980’s. Once considered as one of Hollywood’s biggest teen heartthrobs, Haim fell victim to drug dependence and died of pneumonia in 2010 in age 38. Experiencing fortune and fame early in his life took a toll on the young actor, and could ultimately result in his passing. He could never replicate his achievement as a teen actor from the 80’s, however hard he tried. His expensive drug addiction took over, which makes him exceptionally unreliable on set and incapable of landing the characters that he might have done in his childhood. Haim had a net worth of just five million dollars in the time of his passing.

Early Life

A genuine case of pure ability, acting was a lifetime Haim sort of dropped into. His mother enrolled him mime and improv courses in a play school in Toronto, with hopes of these courses helping him overcome his shyness. He wasn’t all that interested in behaving generally, but attending auditions along with his sister Carol helped him to break into the movie industry. Haim was ten years old when he landed his first job since Larry on a Canadian kids’s app “The Edison Twins”. “The Edison Twins” was an educational television program, where a group of twins utilized scientific principles to address the issue presented in every incident. Haim appeared in more than twenty episodes of this series from the first 80’s. He moved on to look in numerous films after his work on the tv program. He’d go on to play supporting roles in a lot of films then, starred along with big name celebrities such as Sally Field, Gary Busey, and James Garner before hitting his adolescent years.

Breakout Role

Haim had a constant stream of movies under his belt, but it was 1986’s “Lucas” that actually helped him attain recognition within the business. A coming of age story about a young smart boy that dropped for a cheerleader, Haim played the titular role in the humor. Life imitated art in the shape of Haim really falling for Green off display, which makes his performance at the role that a lot more real to the young actor. Haim was commended for his operation, getting a Young Artist Award nomination and accolades for his ability to bring the character to life in such a ways. He had been thought of as a legitimate gift, and as somebody with this much potential, he would’ve come to be a well-respected actor as opposed to an almost abandoned kid actor. Regrettably death and his medication abuse obtained at all.

Both Coreys

After Haim paired up with fellow 80’s heartthrob Corey Feldman from the horror humor “The Lost Boys” that a brand-new age was born. Appropriately called The 2 Coreys, Haim and Feldman became quick friends while filming the film, and proceeded to make a happening. The elderly cast members trapped together, leaving Haim and Feldman from the nightly parties, that gave both young celebrities the chance to bond with each other. Their off-screen friendship resulted in an onscreen partnership, and collectively their adolescent stardom climbed to amounts neither of these might’ve predicted. Haim and Feldman would look in nine films together across the 80’s and into the 90’s. Along with “The Lost Boys” they found significant success with their work collectively in “Permit to Drive” and “Dream A Little Dream. ”

Fall From Grace

Regrettably for Haim, together with fortune and fame came a harmful side to Hollywood. First came alcoholic, which directed to crack, and from 1989 Haim was experiencing his first rehabilitation therapy, in hopes of breaking up the habit permanently. The movie followed a day in his lifetime, and while Haim attempted to convince audiences that he had been sterile, it was apparent that he had been under the influence through filming. His lovers had been wondering what happened to the Corey Haim they loved and knew, and those nearest to him became increasingly concerned about the street he was moving down. His addiction to medication hit an all-time large from the 90’s. He managed to do at work and if he could his performances suffered considerably. His loving fans began to turn against him, which makes him entirely lose the crowd which helped him climb to fame. He had been in and out of emergency rooms, abusing prescription medications, along with his dependence contributed to him burning only about every bridge that he’d produced in his profession. Back in 1996 it got so bad that Feldman was made to shoot Haim out of a movie both were working on together. Haim refused to take care of his drug problem, with dropped back into captivity, and has been too fickle on place for Feldman to let him keep on working on the job. The year Haim has been made to declare bankruptcy. It had been well known inside the industry which he was impossible to use and has been battling an addiction. Job supplies were no more coming in, as well as the straight to video chances he had during the late 90’s have been all gone. His Hollywood celebrity had dismissed, and he had no more the remarkable gift he was. In the middle of his battle with drug misuse, Haim outdated high profile celebrities such as Nicole Eggert and Victoria Beckham. Eggert spent plenty of time at emergency rooms alongside Haim and is considered to have saved his life multiple events. In accordance with Victoria Beckham, his connection was short lived, and she needed to accompany him into the hospital.

The Comeback

Following years of being off the Hollywood radar along with also a failure to re-launch his career, Haim eventually discovered the response with long time companion Feldman. In 2007 both reunited on screen to star in their very own reality series: “The 2 Coreys”. The show was partly scripted but revealed that the honest battle Haim went to attempt to get back on top in the entertainment universe. It seemed like he’d defeated his addiction after years of battling and was gradually but surely getting his old self. Haim was seriously interested in becoming better and getting back his life. It didn’t last and the demons when he was younger, that he faced started rearing their ugly heads. At the next season of “The 2 Coreys” it seemed that Haim had started using again, and following a failed intervention by Feldman and a few other close friends, Feldman broke ties with Haim therefore that he wouldn’t even need to watch him. Haim was circling the drain, with just appeared in a few forgettable movies because his return, and ended up homeless on the road. He was unbelievably embarrassed by the situation he place himself while it looked like the wake-up telephone he desired, he just wasn’t strong enough to pull up himself.


Haim never defeat on his allies and they won at the end. He was 38 when he died, though he did seem to be fighting as hard as he could to get better. Haim had patched up things with Feldman prior to his departure, and both started working on a brand new idea for a film together. Prescription medications were too powerful for him to withstand. He’d been seeing different physicians and pharmacies resulting up before his departure, getting as many medications as he can. He had been clean when he died, was for a few of weeks, but his lengthy history of dependency took a toll on his body, and he was still enticed enough to find them out, even when he wasn’t knowingly using at the moment. Haim’s funeral was held in Steeles Memorial Chapel in Toronto, six days following his departure, on March 16th. Haim’s mum asked Feldman to not attend the funeral, in dread of this event being researched.

Charlie Sheen Allegations

Source: Lately some upsetting information has come to light about Haim’s expertise on the collection of “Lucas”. His afterward co-star Charlie Sheen was accused of raping him on place, when Haim was only 13 years old. The alleged rape occurred during a lunch break during filming; at a secluded place between both trailers, in which Sheen took good advantage of Haim. Feldman clarifies that Haim told him exactly what happened to him on place and that he had been led to think it was something all young actors in Hollywood did elderly guys. Haim was too innocent to see that the action as rape. Feldman calls Haim innocent and ambitious, which is exactly what resulted in him being taken advantage of sexually. Feldman never cites Sheen by title in relation to this rape, but does state that it occurred on the record of “Lucas”, it was with an adult man who persuaded Haim it had been absolutely normal, and Feldman was quoted before rather than being a lover of Sheen due to matters he’s done to people he knew. According to Feldman, it was the burden of those demons that resulted in Haim’s departure; something that he’d fought his whole life to recuperate from.


Corey Haim was among the best talents of his period, and has been taken in the planet much earlier than that he ought to’ve been. A history of drug use, sexual abuse, and also the unwanted side effects of the Hollywood lifestyle would be to blame for Haim’s premature death. Rest in peace.

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