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Charles Harrelson – Woody Harrelson’s Notorious Father

Charles Harrelson was created in Lovelady, Texas on July 23, 1938. He’s the father of renowned actor Woody Harrelson. His ex-wife Diane Lou Oswald is the mum of Woody Harrelson and his 2 brothers. Prior to being introduced to the world of contract killing, Charles was an encyclopedia salesman at California along with a gambler. In 1968 at age 30, he abandoned his wife Diane and family, leaving her to take care of son Woody Harrelson and his 2 brothers. Woody wouldn’t hear of his dad Charles again until several decades after. Throughout the time he had been estranged from his loved ones, Charles Harrelson was attempted and implicated in a string of murders for hire. Also in 1968, Charles has been tried and convicted of being hired to murder Sam Degelia, a grain trader in McAllen, Texas. It’s reported that he had been paid $2000 for its assassination. He had been sentenced to 15 years in prison, but released after just 5 for behaviour. Not long after being paroled because of the murder of Sam Degelia, Charles Harrelson was implicated in another murder, this time for its assassination of Judge John H. Wood Jr..


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The murder of Judge John H. Wood Jr. – Would Charles Harrelson Be Innocent?

Harrelson was hired to perform so by a drug dealer named Jamiel Chagra of El Paso, Texas. Judge Wood maintained the nickname “Maximum John” because of his history of providing lengthy sentences for drug-related crimes. Chagra was first scheduled to appear before Judge John H. Wood Jr. the day of his murder to get a similar crime. An anonymous tip led to the discovery of Charles Harrelson as a defendant, in addition to recorded dialog tape involving drug dealer Joe Chagra along with his brother Jamiel Chagra in prison. But, Harrelson denied really murdering Judge Wood through this trial, asserting that he just took the charge for it to obtain the massive payment Chagra was supplying. Later on, Chagra himself additionally said that Harrelson didn’t really murder the Judge. Now, Charles Harrelson was sentenced to two life terms in prison.

Charles Harrelson’s Claim – The Assassination of JFK

In September 1980, Harrelson was included in a standoff with authorities during which he promised to participate in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. He was high on cocaine at that moment. He managed to draw maps to show where Harrelson was standing throughout the shooting. He confessed to not thinking this claim along with the FBI seemingly never took much stock in it. Charles V. Harrelson has promised to have been responsible for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on 2 events. He recanted the promise.

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Charles Harrelson’s Escape Effort

At the Fourth of July in 1995, Charles Harrelson Tried to escape from prison, and two other inmates Termed Gary Settle and Michael Rivers. They were offenders from the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary. After being taken the 3 guys surrendered. Harrelson was then transferred into a maximum security facility in Florence, Colorado where he spent the remainder of his times. He enjoyed life far longer in the most security environment due to the silence.

Woody Harrelson Relationship the Contract Killer, with Father Charles

Until Charles Harrelson’s arrest for the murder of Judge John H. Wood Jr., his son Woody had no notion that his dad had been involved in this a menacing world. After Charles abandoned the household in 1968, he and his son Woody were estranged for ages. It was just after Woody discovered about his dad through the information reports about the murders he made contact with him. An individual could state that’d Charles Harrelson never been involved with murder for hire function, son and him Woody would haven’t collaborated. In accordance with Woody, he wanted to rebuild his relationship with his dad, viewing him as much more of a friend than a father figure. He tried to find a retrial for Charles later Chagra said that it wasn’t really Charles Harrelson who took Judge John H. Wood Jr., spending a great deal of money and time without avail. Woody frequently visited his dad Charles in prison before Charles expired in 2007 from a heart attack. Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson boosting their new film Lost in London, that was composed and directed by Woody Harrelson. Actor Woody Harrelson talking his dad Charles Harrelson, that he heard was a contract killer after years of being freed from him if he left his mother to take care of him along with his two brothers in 1968.

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