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Arlene Silver: Who’s the Wife of Dick Van Dyke ?

Arlene Silver has become the second wife of Dick Van Dyke for nearly six decades now. However, who is she and how did the two meet, particularly given their 46 year age difference? She finally became a makeup artist and career path is exactly what will eventually leading her into meeting and marrying the legendary actor Dick Van Dyke. Before fulfilling Arlene, Dick Van Dyke was in two long term relationships. The first was that his marriage to Margie Willet, which lasted more than fifty years from 1938 until 1984. Dick Van Dyke and Margie Willet divorced Because of the alcoholism and adultery. She also experienced difficulties with prescription medication abuse and eventually became estranged from Van Dyke for several years until they legally divorced. Following his divorce, Dick Van Dyke dwelt together with the girl he had an affair with, Michelle Troila Marvin, for more than thirty years before she passed away from lung cancer at 2009 in age 76. She had been an actress. Dick Van Dyke fulfilled Arlene Silver in 2006, during his last years together with Michelle Marvin. Both met at a Screen Actor’s Guild awards dinner along with Van Dyke was immediately attracted to her. In reality, he was intrigued with her that he sat down next to her and introduced himself something that he admits he hadn’t ever done previously. Arlene and Van Dyke first hit it off as friends and he finally hired her to become his own personal makeup artist. It was then sparks started flying, with all the pair falling in love and getting married, regardless of the odds against them.

Arlene Silver: About Union to Dick Van Dyke

But how can they make their marriage work with such a massive difference in age? The key is they’re best friends before anything else. Additionally, it comes down to maturity degree. Based on Van Dyke, Arlene is mature for her age and he’s not, therefore in the long run it all evens out. In accordance with Arlene, Van Dyke is your prince she’s ever been awaiting. She wasn’t married but thinks he is the best guy and spouse for her. Arlene recalls the night Dick introduced to her. She immediately recognized him as the man out of Mary Poppins, but admits she hadn’t seen a number of his other films or tv series before becoming friends with him. Arlene has also stated their age gap hasn’t been a problem in their relationship. Her husband could be over 90 years old, but based on Arlene he’s still, and always will be, young in mind. Arlene posted the picture above on her Instagram about the anniversary of the marriage, showcasing the few’s fun enjoying nature.

Arlene Silver: Fun Facts, Net Worth

Below are a few interesting facts about Arlene Silver that you need to be aware: As a makeup artist, Arlene’s net worth wasn’t calculated. But upon marrying Dick Van Dyke, she’s set to inherit a number of his big net worth, that can be reported over $30 million. Due to her new fiscal liberty and lavish lifestyle, Arlene has been in a position to take some interesting hobbies and pursuits. She’s known to be a superb belly dancer in her spare time. The service was held in a Malibu chapel on a spur of the moment choice to get married on leap day. The couple shunned tradition with the dress, maintaining their apparel and the entire affair easy. Arlene decided to put on a burgundy Anthropologie apparel rather than the traditional white wedding gown. Arlene and Dick Van Dyke followed their wedding service with a far bigger reception, themed “seafoam circus” after that season in September. Have a look at this entertaining video of Arlene Silver performing a belly dancing, with a guest appearance in husband Dick Van Dyke in the conclusion.

Arlene Silver: In Conclusion

Arlene Silver’s narrative of love is just like a fantasy come true. Never in a million years did she think she’d meet and fall in love with such a legendary celebrity as Dick Van Dyke. It’s so unique that both have found love and happiness with them and also to understand that Van Dyke is going to have a loving spouse until the end. The picture above was shot from Arlene’s Instagram and reveals her hubby Dick Van Dyke with Santa Clause on Christmas Eve 2017.

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