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Alina Zagitova: gold and skater medalist

2018 Olympic GamesThe most depressing nation from the newly concluded 2018 Olympic Winter Games has been Russia. The nation is on the northeast side of Europe and throughout winter, all of the nation is generally covered by snow. For that reason, it is not a surprise that almost all of the games you will find linked to snow and there are lots of Russian athletes that have built their reputation in the winter months, and if they have been prohibited in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, it was a massive blow. However, maybe not all of Russian athletes were prohibited and among those who had been permitted to compete was Alina Zagitova, a figure skater. Zagitova wanted she could observe her motherland. 15-year-old Alina Zagitova was created in Izhevsk, Udmurtia and her parents ‘ Leysan Zagitova and Ignaz Zagitova who’s an ice hockey trainer which is employed in Tatarstan. Zagitova also has a sister who’s younger than her. A story is told of her not with a title for a year after her parents were searching for a title to give to her settled on Alina as soon as they watched the rhythmic gymnast Alina Kabaeva. The skater went together with her grandma to Moscow at 2015 and she resides with her. Zagitova’s hobby was drawing since she was a kid. In a interview, Zagitova disclosed that she enjoys pet animals and she’d two exotic chinchillas in her Moscow house in addition to a puppy and a cat. Zagitova had her first formal skating lessons when she was four along with Damira Pichugina at Tatarstan where her dad was employed as a baseball coach. She is now at Sambo 70 club. Her first competition was that the 2016 Russian Junior Championships where she finished 9th after being placed 12th at the brief program and also on number 8 from the free skate. Her introduction in the international contests arrived at the center of 2016 afterwards she attended the 2016-17 Junior Grand Prix Final championship in France where she won the golden trophy and conquer Kaori Sakamoto using a entire score of 194.37 points. The factors were the next greatest to have been attained with a women’s only skater at the level, the maximum being Polina Tsurskaya. The results enabled her to become a part of this 2017-18 Grand Prix Final championships which has been held in Marseille. Zagitova went straight back to France again and again at the 2017-18 Grand Prix Final championships, she was able to evaluate new junior girls records in all of the groups. In late December 2017, Zagitova rated number three in the brief and number two at the complimentary in the 2017 Russian Championships. The skater was able to win a silver medal supporting Evgenia Medvedeva who she rolls. She’s also the 2018 European winner after she won a gold medal in the European Youth Olympic Festival which has been held in Turkey.


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Getting a gold medal in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games

The World CupIt was likely the best afternoon of this 15-year-old Alina Zagitova. She had the chance to stand to the midst of a podium. The skater was that the queen of figure skating, however it was not a fantastic honor to be a symbol of a country that was shamed. Alina Zagitova is a Russian, a nation that supposedly doesn’t exist in the opinion of the Olympics officials. The nation was punished because of its doping sins, however, the ax guy spared 168 Russian rivals who were called Olympic Athletes from Russia instead of The Russian group. For 13 days, the Russians just saw that the golden awards with their eyes and also the nearest a few of these came was that the silver medal and the decoration. That meant they would not believe the pain of the national anthem not being played when Alina Zagitova obtained the very first gold medals from the ‘Russian Team,” in a freezing and harsh nighttime, she needed to talk about her jubilation on her spirit since the national anthem of her nation couldn’t cut through the night into the ears of the Russian lovers and Zagitova wasn’t able to express her national pride. The announcer sank her spirits when he declared the Olympic anthem. Though Zagitova knew it’d happen, she expected they’d forgive her nation and perform with the anthem just after. However, to her disappointment, the Olympic body does not fall out of its own rules. One was Canadian since the remainder were flags for both Russians. Medvedeva faked a smile, however, Zagitova did not even dare to. She simply sneered after the music was finished and most noticed that she was not pleased.

The Net had mixed Responses about Alina Zagitova winning the Golden

2018 Olympic GamesAlina Zagitova needed a jump-filled pattern that the majority of the audiences considered breathtaking. They compared it to her counterpart’s psychological performance to the soundtrack of this film “Anna Karenina.” But some folks pointed out that Zagitova’s functionality was loaded with a great deal of significant leaps and feats. They believed she did that save her energy for the next half of this app and also as usual, societal websites could not remain silent and there were lots of remarks of her later she won a golden medal. Some individuals were excited about the way 2018 Olympic Winter Games figure skating champion who’s also a 2018 European winner and former associate of DYUSSH Izhevsk now in Sambo 70. There were. Some enthusiasts defended the manner Zagitova chose to choreograph her figure skating regular after a few folks criticized her. However one thing is certain, both athletes achieved really well. Evgenia Medvedeva had broken down to tears as the audience roared supporting her in among the greatest moment in her whole figure skating career. A couple of moments afterwards, it had been declared that she’d scored exactly like her rival and additionally training partner, Alina Zagitova, and the audience yelled in anger and confusion. The two Medvedeva and Zagitova train Eteri Tutberidze, under a single trainer. Ahead of the prior member of DYUSSH Izhevsk and the present member of Sambo 70 team Alina Zagitova combined the senior branch for a skater, her teammate reigned since the number one winner. It was clear there are a competition in the camp along with the press began comparing it with Michelle Kwan and Tara Lipinski in “I, Tonya.” Though they call themselves friends off the ice, Medvedeva was saddened by the fact that the gold decoration was really close, but she watched it move off with Zagitova.

Truth to know about the skater and her net worth

Russian ZagitovaIce skating, particularly figure skating, may be an isolating game as it needs a whole lot of time. In accordance with Russia Beyond, Alina Zagitova explained that she has few friends and the fantastic thing was she had been visiting some individuals always in figure skating and at the game, they’re rivals. When you see Zagitova perform you may forget that she’s only 15. Whenever she’s free time, Zagitova enjoys to see American TV shows and play with her pets that contain two chinchillas a cat, and a dog. Alina Zagitova does not reside with her sister or parents since she abandoned them in their own hometown to train at Moscow. But she visits them at least once each 2 months. Though the skater has appreciated a brief profession in figure skating, she’s broken records. Alina Zagitova was the very primary female junior skater to score over 200 points and she moved forward to place the junior women’ shot app record in addition to the album to get the free program in the junior-level in addition to the album to get the combined total in the 2017-18 Grand Prix Final championship junior-level occasions. Zagitova has also attained the highest ever recorded specialized score of 158 from the figure skating in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games. She was seven when she skated. In a meeting, the skater disclosed it had been in her character the harder it had been, the better it had been for her.

Her net worth

Zagitova 2018 InspectionAlina Zagitova’s net worth remains under inspection, but in the brief time she’s been figure skating, the skater has produced a adequate net worth. Zagitova also creates a net worth from championships and exemptions such as the 2018 European championship.

Looking into the future

Zagitova – How to Select the Best OneThough she’s in a game which makes it difficult to make friends, Zagitova gets her trainer to talk about her problems with too as her pets to test on and spend some time with. Watch out for her and watch her winning awards.

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